Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday stuff that means absolutely nothing!

It is a blasted 6 bleeping degrees here and this is what I had to clean off my bird pooh festooned car yesterday, not once but TWICE!  Yes I had to clean it off again when I got off work last evening because Mother Nature has a sense of humor...NOT!  The sun is out but at 6° nothing is going to melt!  And stop cackling Amy, it isn't funny!

Stitching...none!  I did get my Stitches 'n Things fabric of the month in the mail yesterday.  It is a 28ct Denim Blue Jobelan.  I really like the color too!  So into the chest of drawers it goes, with all the other bits of stitching fabric I have.  I knew I had a good reason for divorcing my ex, needed to take over his dresser drawers for my needlework fabric!  This does not bode well for my next husband does it?

Okay I have to brag a bit.  I wore cute hair yesterday, as I told you.  Plus my black jeans and that cheetah print sweater set Santa gave me.  I had a red winter beret that I wore and let me tell you I did create a mini stir walking into work.  Someone even told me that they thought I was losing too much weight too fast!  Way cute!  Actually since I have been drinking my water I think I am losing weight a bit faster and it may be my imagination but I think the loose skin under my chin is tightening up, maybe I won't need plastic surgery after all!  Oh yes I bought some Suave lotion, lavender and vanilla scent and it smells like heaven.  I took the bottle to work for my desk, I think I need to buy another for here at home.

So here at the Lilac Thicket we are frigid, we are on our second day of cute hair and we smell good!  What more could a girl ask for!  God Bless us all and maybe we will survive until spring!

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Amy said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

I found Mango lotion by Watkins. Love it.

It is a whopping 39 here and we are under a hard freeze warning for tonight.

You are so blessed to have all that beautiful snow. ;)