Friday, January 28, 2011

A birthday hangover

 I had a lovely birthday. Mother Nature was very kind, it was in the 40’s and the sun was bright and cheerful. My mother took me to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I had the chicken livers dinner and it was wonderful. We love to look around the shop, however there was an annoying greeter running around being way too cheerful and well too interested in everything we looked at. I want to privately and quietly look at things, I don’t need her screechy toned opinion about whatever catches my eye. Mom and I quickly left.

Mom as usual made my birthday special with wonderful gifts. She made me a card and it has the most moving words written in her beautiful hand. The green tissue with carefully placed little flowers was just too darling not to include in the picture. I received loafers, I love loafers and have been wanting to look for some but kept putting it off. I adore the loafers she picked and they are SO comfy! She also purchased some snackie poos for me, I haven’t tried either type from Aldi’s but they look delicious and will find their way into my lunch box. A very cute snowman pin which I will attach to my coat! She gave me socks and some “Toastie Toes” to keep my feet warm at work. I received a lovely cotton top, it is navy blue, ¾ length sleeves and it feels so nice being cotton. It should wash up well. She also made a little snackie journal for me. Remember in my blog when I talked about all my favorite foods and snackies? Well she thought I could use it to write down my favorites so I would have it to take with me to the store. It is a great idea because when I try something new, sometimes I can’t remember exactly what it was when I am standing in the grocery aisles. Mom also gave me some money to purchase whatever my heart desires.

So I came home full as a tick and took a nap. It was a lovely day. Today I need to get to the grocery, I have my list ready to go. I also need to swing by the vet’s and pick up my Rosie poo’s medicine for her bad hip.

Well I really like the above design, I think I will add it to my wish list.  Hey, Nashville Market is sometime in mid February.  I love it because...well tons of new designs, which are really eye candy to the stitcher.
Oh I love this garden with the graduated floral looking balls hanging down.  They are tissue paper and so easy to make. 

I thought these heart shaped coasters would be a quick and easy Valentine present for family or friends.  She also had a couple of cute free backgrounds for the computer desktop which I grabbed.
I gotta say I love this doggie collar!  How creative and cute!
Here is yet another really cute idea for a Valentine gift.  Heck you could do this for lots of holidays, St. Patrick's day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas.  It would be very easy to make too!

Well dear friends I really need to skedaddle, I really hate to leave my Lilac Thicket because it insulates me from the often wicked world.  I suppose it isn't the world that is wicked but many of the people in the world who do evil every day.  God and I now have an understanding, I will let Him take up my battles, He never loses!  May you find joy and peace in your own Lilac Thicket!  God bless us...everyone!

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