Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stitchin', Sampler, Stash, Stealth

 The Nordic Needle catalog is here...the Nordic Needle catalog is here!  And it is a heavy one!  This catalog is full of naked pictures of stash, the pornographic images of naked stash!  I fondle each page, giddy with excitement as I circle every item I have to have.  Yes I love this catalog and I have kept every one I got for about the last 25 years.  I stash them under my mattress like a prepubescent boy stashes his father's Playboy between the mattresses.  I pull them out in the dark of the night, hide under the blankets with a flashlight perusing the pages and fall asleep with lustful images I have furtively gazed upon haunting my dreams, like an erotic play...images of my naked self rolling  on the stash strewn floor.  Yes, the catalog is filled with X(S)X(S)X(S) rated images and it is my shameful secret!
This is the progress on my AAN "A Christmas Tree".  I spent most of the day stitching in my rocking chair.  I watched "The Inheritance" a Louisa May Alcott story on DVD.  I love that movie.  So I feel good about my progress, since I am not a fast stitcher.  I need to buy a camera which takes better close ups. 
 So I wanted to share some of my recent additions to my wish list.  The above is the S from Les Belles Lettres from the designer Gigi.  1 guess why I want the "S" sampler.  It is 18 euros though.
 I want this, "Starry, Starry Night" by Blackberry Lane Designs.  Love this and have for a while.  There is a new one from the same designer called "Journey to Bethlehem".
 And this one "Love Triplet" from Heart in Hand.  When I saw the one design "Crush" I thought of the song "I've got a crush on you, baby".  I love that song.
These luminaries are beautiful and are pretty easy to make.  I can see these on my entertainment center or my kitchen table.  Check out the tutorial at:

So my sister just posted on Facebook that the Stealth just flew over her house on it's way to the stadium.  Yup our Chiefs are in the play-offs and we are praying for a miracle at Arrowhead today.  And those Steaths are SO-O awesome, they are gone by the time you hear them.  When you see one it fills you with such pride and awe!  Here I thought I just heard it, it was just Rose snoring behind me.  Have a wonderful winter day filled with the wonder of a Chiefs win!!!!  We are tomahawk chopping here in the Lilac Thicket!

PS:  The Stealth just flew over the Thicket!  It circles around until game time and then it flies over the stadium.  Do you remember Derrick Thomas, he was a Chief who was killed in an auto accident, his father was killed in Viet Nam.  When he was out on the field pre-game, the fly-over was always emotional for everyone because we had thoughts of a little boy growing up without his father, who gave his life in the service of his country.  Of course there are SO many children that grew up without a father who was killed in war.  It doesn't get more patriotic than that.  Here is another shot of the Stealth as it flew over the Thicket!

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Amy said...

Lived close to an air base in Ohio. Saw a stealt once in a while. It is really strange. Almost like Batman. LOL

I hope you are enjoying your lovely weather. :p