Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot Mama, Girlz, Terrorists, Toyotas & a Novel Idea!

Oh my, amen, it's Friday.  Actually the week went by quickly.  I am working only 4 hours today. I get off at 4:30 which I can't wait to get my work week over with. 

Talk about balmy weather, it is 23°!  Get out the swim suits and the lawn mower, get out and strut our stuffs in the warmth of the day!  I have lots of stuffs to strut too!  OO-LA-LA, hot mama coming thru...NOT!

Alas the warmth yesterday allowed me to pop the gas cap door on my car to fill it up.  I didn't have to take a screw driver to it which is a good thing.  I would have had to explain to the cops sitting in their cruiser eating Quik-Trip donuts and coffee why I was vandalizing my own car!  It only cost me $30 to fill it up, thank you Lord, the tankful of gas will last me 8 weeks. 

I was lying in bed last night missing my old truck "Daddio".  It was a wonderful 1987 Toyota pick up and it looked remarkably like the one I saw on the news many years ago!  It was somewhere in the Mideast and there was a machine gun mounted to the bed of the truck and there were so many terrorists packed into and onto this pickup when it swung around a corner a few of them flew off!  (Centrifugal Force!) Yes, it was a wonderful vehicle and I really could have used a machine gun bolted into the bed of my Daddio.  My girlz are so talented I think I could have trained them to work the gun on my command.  The next time some lady tried to cut me off at the thrift shop so SHE could get the first parking spot, Rosie could have fired warning shots above her vehicle, as I swung menacingly around her.  It probably would have worked well in the parking lot at the grocery, you know those jaywalkers, the ones who REFUSE to use the cross walk and the trot gleefully in front of you daring me to hit them.  Yup, I would just have my talented girl April, pull the trigger of that machine gun with her paw and give that jay walker a whole new part in their hair!  Wow, this could be a whole new marketing program for Toyota!  They could make the machine gun standard equipment.  It would take road rage to a whole new level, don't 'cha think?

No stitching done in the past couple of days but I have found some wonderful freebies and have printed them off.
I love this mask and it could be remarkably useful.  I just had a thought, I might want to make this lovely mask to wear as me and my girlz cruise around in our Toyota with the standard equipment, daring people to cut me off!  "Yes officer, it was an amazing sight watching that orange and white Britney fire off a few rounds over my head. But the driver wore this elegantly beautiful mask with a stylish black feather!  And she had remarkably cute hair!"
Love this and it is Italian!  
This is lovely and I think the finishing is exquisite!

It is just about time once again for me to get ready for 4 hours of work and dazzle all my co-workers with the sparkling wit and wisdom of ME!  So gentle readers and my ever growing group of followers, may your day be blessed, just as the occupants of our Lilac Thicket shall be!


sunflower queen said...

Wonderful wonderful I enjoyed reading every word you wrote, you kept me laughing in my seat. I do not read your blog everyday but I do thank you for letting roll down Lilac lane. Keep up the good work. I love you just the way you are. Isn't that a song? Ha1 Ha!

Amy said...

Hello my friend. You are such a riot. You brighten my day.

Give the girlz a big old hug from me.

Love ya!