Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All that is Girlish

Good Morning my gentle visitors to my Lilac Thicket!  I hope your day is being kind to you so far.  It is damp and chilly here, a bit overcast and there is a nice steady and cold breeze to contend with that stirs the barest of branches of our Lilac bushes. 

So here is the shampoo and conditioner that I purchased.  I am giving it my well sought after approval.  My hair curled very tightly in the pin curls and my hair was very soft too!  The girls at work (Thank you Queen Mum and Carol) were my sniff testers!  They liked the soft scent!
We had an unfortunate hair event about 5:00pm at work.  There was a building emergency and we had to go and stand outside in the cold damp wind.  The left side of my hair went limp and I was not a happy camper.  Not to mention I never could get warm  the rest of the evening.  When I came home I turned up the furnace to 75°. 
Don't you love the ribbon?  When I was at HyVee (my local grocery) I spied these corsage bows in the floral department made out of the most wonderful ribbons.  I did purchase 3 and brought them home and attached them to a hair combs.  Lovely, lovely cute hair! 
Last night after I sat down I did some stitching on my AAN "A Christmas Tree".  Just showing you a badly focused pic of my progress to date. 
Also when I was at the grocery on Sunday, I spied the newest issue of Victoria Magazine.  Oh how I love it's lush and lovely pictures.  They stir the girlish inclinations of my mind. Yesterday I forgot to take it to work with me to savor between phone calls, but I won't forget today.

I heard the weather forecast, they (the learned weather forecasters who could not predict the weather accurately until after it happens), are calling for 6" of snow, starting tonight.  Well my birthday is next week and it wouldn't be my birthday without a raging snowstorm! 

So my fine readers, I think I will call this a wrap and contemplate getting ready for another brutal day at work, where they just do not comprehend the brilliance that is me!  God Bless us Everyone!


Tracey said...

I love Victoria magazine! It is my favorite! Thanks for the shampoo info- I have naturally wavy hair so maybe that will give me a little more 'spring.' :)

Amy said...

I used to have a subscription to Victoria mag. Since having my daughter, my house is more country/primitive. Just if it breaks and I fix it, no one will notice. LOL

I have to try some of that shampoo. I have the finest hair on the planet. No wavy at all.

I hope you get a foot of snow. Ha Ha.