Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beautifying my home begins!

 Happy Tuesday from the Lilac Thicket.  We still have not found the camera in our thicket so I used my scanner and it isn't the best but it gives you an idea of my progress on the AAN SAL "A Christmas Tree". 

Yesterday...it wasn't too bad, 31 calls and it could have been SO-O-O much worse.  I did get a chance to start on my book "Beguiled".  I was a bit surprised as it takes place in current times, not the past, as her other books have been.  I was instantly interested in it so that is good too.  I did do some browsing of my blogs and found a new project and blog at Craftgossip that's a definite winner in my book. It is the next pic.
Isn't that wreath to die for?  I love it.  The blog went into my blog roll and I am going to get the supplies to make it on Friday!  It is SO me!
 Then I saw this image of a darling hassock cover somewhere on the 'net.  I love the ruffles.  I have an old hassock, I bought at a garage sale for $2, probably 30 years ago.  I made a cover for it but now I want to beautify it and SO this is the fabric below, which I scanned so the colors aren't accurate, but I have the fabric so it will work well. 
The fabric on the bottom is a beige moire with a hint of rose and I want that for the padded top.  The floral fabric is cotton and I want that for the ruffles.  Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!  I will need to get some ribbon but that is the easy part.  I have 3 days off Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I can at least get started.

It appears as though my g-great niece's surgery has been postponed pending a new CT scan.  I hadn't taken the day off, family was going to call me at work.  Apparently all the adults are very upset about it.  I suggested they calm down and DON'T call and complain because you definitely don't want to make the child's surgeon mad...seems like common sense to me but none of them thought of that.

So our Lilac Thicket is pretty calm and cold today.  Just trying to mentally prepare myself for work in 2½ hours.  God bless us!

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Amy said...

Love the wreath. You'll have to post a pic of it and the hassock cover.

I am trying to get my stuff done and get my daughter's schooling going today. I am not in the teaching mood today. LOL

Have a wonderful day!