Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When flashlights attack!

Life is wonderful here in the folds of the Lilac Thicket.  This girlish girl is seeing a new light on life thanks to taking an unplanned day off from work and a pair of stylishly fabulous new eye glasses! 
Last week was a very stressful week for me as my mentor dared to take a vacation and left me to my own devices assisting new vice presidents and directors.  The good news is not that he returned, the good news is I still have a job!
More stress involved storms that went thru and knocked out our power for 19 hours Sunday.  Our phone won't work when the power is out because these darn wireless phones we have require electricity.  I had to explain 3 times to my Caribbean Prince why the phone wouldn't work even though it was plugged into our router.  At 8pm Sunday the power pole was split in two on the next street and out the lights went.  This really did delight the Professor as he whipped out his new flashlight and exclaimed what good fortune that he bought this device at the Thrift Shop for 5 bucks. 
My dear readers let me explain this nifty little device to you so you can really comprehend the fullness of this tale.  One end is a flash light, the other end is emergency flashers and in between is a tool box filled with dangerous instruments in the hands of my beloved.
So back to the his glee he flipped on the flashers and flashed them at me instead of the steady light at the other end.  I told him he was going to be the anecdotal tale of health care workers everywhere if he didn't get it out of my face.  Health care workers everywhere would tell the story about a stormy night when what they thought a huge fire fly waddled into the emergency room only to find out it was a man with emergency flashers stuffed up his posterior because he wouldn't get it out of his beleaguered wife's face.  "That's not funny where's the fuse box?"
Yes give this man a tool box and he thinks he can fix anything, which perhaps some men can, however not my Guyanese husband.  Tools and the Professor, an alarming mix.
The Professor and I found a nice headboard at our favorite thrift shop for $15!  I really like it and we were able to get rid of a lot of clutter and my bedside table. 
We also found this chair and it was a little more expensive then I usually like at $40.  I do enjoy sitting and stitching in it because we have such great stitching light in our bedroom.  I was actually able to snap a pic before the Professor piled his junk on it.
This is my progress on my Mermaid Bath Salts piece.  You can see that I have barely scratched the surface of it even though I have spent hours stitching. I started in the upper left hand corner and you can see the top of the "M" in green.
We discovered that some flowers we planted in the front yard last year came up again.  I am not sure what they are called but they definitely add a splash of color that I love, you know being pink and all.
This morning we ran errands and ended up at the Farmers Market where a vendor was selling wonderful bedding plants.  They were a buck a 4 pack and we spent $10.  I love the Farmers Market.
When we got home my ever swash buckling Prince in his finest attire went to slay the grass in the back yard.  I am blessed my dearest ones, blessed beyond my wildest imagination. 

And so I wish you a happy week and a wonderful Memorial Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Howdy from the Texas Gulf Coast. Long time, no news. I am sorry. Things here have been crazy.

I am so glad you didn't get damage or a tornado.

Have a wonderful week.

LindaLee said...

It's so good to have you back blogging again my dear friend. Have missed your posts and all. Always enjoy seeing what's going on at the Lilac Thicket. The flowers you planted last year are called Sweet William. They will come back every year. Very pretty. Your piece that you're working on is going to be absolutely beautiful. A lot of beautiful shading which I love. Come on over and visit me at my blog anytime. I'm still Lov'N My Stitches.