Sunday, May 12, 2013

A thankful Thicket update

This would be the absolute proof that the Professor, my Caribbean Prince, is still alive and kicking.  I thought I had better mention that since there has been powerful silence for the past 8 months.  I know my kindred kind you thought I may have taken up new residence in the Missouri penitentiary for Professor-cide.  Ha, the joke is on you!

Today is Mother's Day and my beloved gave his annual salute to all neighborhood Mother's by firing up our bad boy lawn mower at 7:30am!  I know you are sad you missed the festivities!  I am certain other hard working mothers around here would have loved to have missed it also.

So you ask, what has been keeping our plump girlish girl busy all these long months?  Simply one!  I have been working very hard trying to be a better more even tempered wife.  I have been working very hard at work, taking advantage of learning opportunities with a special project.  I have been stitching.  I have been baking and cooking.  I haven't spent a great deal of time at home on the computer, I have been cultivating other interests, trying to simply  my life and mind.

We had to send Professor back east for his last maternal auntie's funeral.  It hit him quite hard.  My dear husband grew up in a small village near Georgetown, Guyana.  His maternal grandmother had 4 daughters, and 2 lived in the homes on either side of her.  Yes, 5 strong beautiful Guyanese women living in a row of 5 homes on the same street.  My Prince was surrounded by nothing but family and a dizzying number of cousins as play and schoolmates as well as protectors.  Doesn't that sound idyllic?  He has wonderful memories of growing up and I really envy him.  So now all the sisters are together up in Heaven which is pretty magnificent for them but very sad for the family left behind.  I was touched when his sister called me after he arrived in New York to thank me for sending him.  She knows finances are tight and she was appreciative of that fact.  How terrific is that?

This morning I have baked the crescent roll bread pudding to take over to my dear Mother's.  I have also baked a chocolate mayonnaise cake to take to work tomorrow.  Both of those recipes are over at my Lilac Thicket Cooks blog.

I may get in some stitching later today on my Mermaid Bath Salts piece.  That being said Happy Mother's Day my dear readers.

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