Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More projects for my list

Oh my so many ideas and projects and so little time.  If you need a little inspiration you need to visit this blog where there are amazing pictures of stitching.  It is a French blog and it is 2011 Exposition!  Go....  I wanted to post a pic but couldn't so you just need to take my word for it and visit.

I did stitch a bit when I got home from work.  My upper arm was aching, I think it is from the computer, the mouse and it has created some muscle or tendon issues like carpal tunnel, is it carpal armpit? 

Work wasn't really too bad yesterday, they had hot dogs and chips for us, which is nice.  I had issues with the ketchup bottle, but really who hasn't struggled with a bottle of ketchup in public and been embarrassed when the condiment comes out too quickly and the bottle makes a sound similar to flatulence?

Oh my gosh, if you haven't visited Craft Gossip you really need to. That site just fills me with sweet visions of stuff I need to make but haven't yet.
I love this bunch of felt flowers and have visions of them festooning a gift or a hair barrette.  You just can't be sad looking at them.

 Don't 'cha just love Martha Stewart.  These candle holders are just paper streamers and placed with double sided tape!  Oh my word...I love you Martha!!!

And since I am a lover of cute hair and all the lovely, sparklies, buttons and bows for the hair.  This is so darling and I can see it in my hair on a cute hair day!

And finally have you ever seen a pom pom in any other shape but round?  This little gadget makes them heart shaped!  HEART SHAPED!  I definitely could see little heart shaped pom poms as a garland thingy to drape on my fireplace mantel, if I had one!

It is 11am and time for me to get ready to go to that 4 letter word that we all hate so!  So we are trying to stay warm in our Lilac Thicket and we girls here in the Thicket send out prayers for all.

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Amy said...

Yes, Bri is on a real Bull. This was at the Houston Rodeo last year.

She has more balls than most guys I know!!!

Have a great day!