Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recognition of my brilliance & insanity minus toilet paper

Well my beloved readers of the lovely and ever fragrant Lilac Thicket, I have gone and done it.  My lamentations over the 2011 Nordic Needle catalog somehow got back to them.  I received an e-mail entitled "Your wrote about Nordic Needle".  Okay that was ominous and I was unsure if legal action might be occurring as I likened the catalog to Playboy magazine.  Here is what the body of the e-mail said:

Hello!  We recently were alerted to your praise blog post about our latest catalog and we would like to link to your post as an example for a new campaign awarding customers who link to us from their personal sites. Please let us know if that would be alright with you. Additionally we would like to give you a $5 coupon off your next ($5 or more) online order for giving the catalog such a great review. :) 
Thanks so much for promoting us so positively and keeping the stitching arts alive!

Whew....that was a close one!  Then appeared at this link:  the following:

We recently stumbled upon a From The Lilac Thicket blog post detailing her intense appreciation for our latest catalog. ;) And that got us thinking: we’d love to see more posts like this from our customers – it provides us feedback and expands our little niche universe to the rest of the world in a positive way! So, we’d like to create a campaign centered around spreading the word about Nordic Needle. Do you have something good to say about us? Write a praise article about Nordic Needle (our catalog, products, whatever!) and link to us on your personal website or blog and you could receive $5 off your next $5 or more online order! This will be an ongoing campaign, with an undecided end date, so keep those fingers typing and you could be the next lucky winner!

Okay the first thought I have to emphasize is that it was not really an intense appreciation, it was more like a primal, erotic appreciation!  Then the second thought is my little old self got someone to thinking?  Oh my gosh!!!  Someone actually pays attention to what I say, let alone visits my little old Thicket?  Okay, I know Amy does, but she is nutz!  I know Beverly does, but she is nutz!  I know Chari does, but she is...well, just plain crazy!  I mean really no one takes me seriously.  I am amazed and I am honored because really, I love Nordic Needle!  I have been shopping with them for about 25 years.  When I first started shopping you could call over the phone and they would bill you and when you got your order you just paid your bill.  To me at that time it was awesome to have a company so far away trust me.  I have always, always had such great service from them and when I have called, their customer care has been superb!  I love getting their e-mailed newsletters and they really try to make it interesting and involve their customers, make it personal.  I think that is why they have been in business so long and continue to grow, even in this tough economy.  I pray that as long as I am alive and stitching that I never have to know a day that Nordic Needle isn't there.  I really have nothing but good thoughts that go out to the fine ladies who own and work there!  Thank you Nordic Needle for recognizing me, it really means a great deal to me!

Well they are STILL predicting snow.  I called Channel 9 and spoke to Bryan Busby and told him I was giving him one last chance to change his mind about the weather and if he didn't?  Well since the Lilac Thicket wields such power in the blogasphere, as we have seen with the Nordic Needle, I would have to throw my considerable weight around on the web and shake things up for him.  I heard the word "kook" before he slammed down the phone.  Well we will just see if he is ever voted Meteorologist of the Year again, that is all I'm saying!

And so it is time once again for me to surprise and delight you with girlish things I have found on the world wide web that fill me with orgasmic delight!  Are you ready?  Are ya?  Don't you dare yawn little lady...

How delightful and it's glittery and pink, two of the best criteria for all things girlish.  How many little do-dads do you have in your jewelry box that you could attach to a votive candle holder for romantic deliciousness?  Here is the link:

Oh-h-h, ah-h-h-h..........I adore this pillow!  I am not about to pay 79.99 on sale from 99.99 but the thoughts of having this beauty sitting on my bed bring me to a new level on naughtiness of mind.  Yes dear ladies, the most fun I have had in my bed?  Sucking up the cob webs off the ceiling with a new vacuum cleaner!  So see, I really "need" this fun little delight to have a toss in the sack with!  I wonder how I could make this?  Here is the link if anyone wants to buy it for me!

Well we are having a crisis here in the Lilac Thicket, I have just discovered we are out of toilet paper.  I have told the girlz, they need to let me know when they take the last roll.  So I am going to have to get dressed and hit the grocery and with the threat of snow, toilet paper is always the first thing to fly off the shelves.  It is comforting to know that should society  break down we all have enought toilet paper hoarded to make sure we cleanse ourselves properly after crapping in the woods.  Plumbing will the be the first of our infrastructure to stop working.  God Bless us Everyone.

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