Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And there is JOY in Lilac Thicketville!!!

 And what to my wondering eye did appear, but a Sanyo camera as pic'd in the mirror! LOL!  Yes, I found it, I FOUND IT!  It was in a HyVee plastic bag with the tissue paper rosettes, which was hanging off the back of my captain's chair at the table.  Imagine that!!! 

It is 10:00a.m., sunny and 28°.  I have 2 more working days until Freedom Friday, when time is my own and the only obligations I have is to 2 poohs, stitching, reading, 4 movies, several phone calls from my mother, probably a trip to Wal-Mart to get a drawer storage unit on wheels and of course a trip to Hobby Lobby to get 99¢ Simplicity patterns.  I might have an obligation to also go get biscuits and gravy from HyVee, they are pretty good, not a full order but a half order, mind you.

Can you believe I actually saw my collar bone it the bathroom mirror yesterday?  Oh my gosh, something looked different as I turned to leave.  I turned back around and lo and behold, there it was.  I wore that pretty spotted leopard/cheetah sweater set "Santa" gave me for Christmas, which I love, and at work Beverly says to me to take off my jeans jacket and she remarked at how "skinny" I am getting.  Well we all know I am NOT "skinny" yet, but there is definitely less of me!  LOL!

I bought this lovely e-booklet from The Sampler Girl over the weekend.  There are 9 designs in the booklet, so it was $2.00 a design, not bad, but I like most of them and can really see stitching most of them.  Tanya (the lovely designer) also has a sweet Valentine offering on her blog "Valentine Crown 1787".  You pick the colors and it is a fast little stitch, if you are a fast stitcher, which we all know, I am NOT!  Check out her blog:

Okay designs don't get much cuter than this one!  It is a free design and there are several color schemes and several different sayings you could stitch.  I love it!  Sheepies are SO cute!

Yes I am on top of the world looking down on my Lilac Thicket and I am as happy as I can be.  I hope you are also on top of the world today!  God Bless all my visitors to the Lilac Thicket, and may all your happiness infect the less happy!


sheri said...
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sheri said...

I like The Sampler Girl designs, too. I'm currently working on 'Tis the Season, Clara's Christmas, and Quaker Boo. Can't wait to see what you stitch from this book!

I am also stitching Quaker Gentleman and Eiffel Quaker from Jardin Prive.

Thanks for the links to the freebies!!!