Friday, January 21, 2011

More snow, more reads, more snoring girlz

No dear readers, this isn't a picture that I posted in a previous post.  This is a shot that I took minutes ago.  We are SO blessed that we had the plow go thru and leave a bank of snow across the driveway yesterday.  I was able to get out several times in the morning yesterday but when the rubber met the snow bank on my way to work I got stuck!  After 15 minutes of futilely trying to get free a man in a truck and several neighborhood boys got me out.  I was exhausted and wet to the bone by the time I got to work.  Thank you Bryan Busby, Channel 9 meteorologist! 

So I took today off and I am delighted with my cool desk thingy that I made out of plastic water bottles, fabric and hot glue.  I believe I am going to attach some fabric yoyo's to fancy it up.  I was using a Caremark coffee mug...I like this one better!
After letting the girlz out this morning, I climbed back into bed and finished "Beguiled".  What a wonderful book, great writing, characters and plot!  If you like Christian Romance/Suspense this is definitely worth the time reading.
This is the next book I am going to read.  It was recommended by the political radio personality Laura Ingraham.  She had Mr. Blatty on her show sometime back.  He recommended that this is one that you really need to sit down and read over a weekend because it has a plot that has to be focused on because of the continuous complex thread thru the book.  I know it is easy for me to set down a book and forget little "clues" I read in a previous sitting.

I am going to sit down and stitch.  The girlz are snoring.  Oh I have a helpful tip...if you have long might want to put it back in a ponytail if you are using a hot glue gun!  Stay warm and stay blessed!  Our Lilac Thicket is blessed to our buttons!  God Bless us Everyone!


Amy said...

Your pictures almost make me homesick for snow. LOL

I finished Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin. Great read!!

I am doing laundry and packing for my weekend trip.

Have a wonderfully snow day.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, again, for making my day. I just LOVE reading your blogs, you paint (write) such that I can actually picture your (mis)adventures! Nine times out of ten, my hair is in a ponytail - yep, you never know what perils await. I, too, live in a snowy area and right now, it's COLD (single digits with minus temps when the wind blows).
Have an awesome week - look forward to reading your next episode.