Monday, January 10, 2011

Psychic Sandi, Stash, Sh-h-h Money

Hey there, I thought I would look in on you and make sure you are behaving!  Well are you?  It looks like you are but you know looks can be deceiving and I should know.  I mean look at that angelic face, does it look like it might harbor a sick and demented mind?  Now be nice....remember, I know secrets about you, that is why you have to send me monthly checks, so I keep my mouth shut!

I think I am psychic!  Yesterday I predicted that school would be called off today and lo and behold, it happened!  You could say that with the continued efforts of the weeny-fication of our country that it was an easy call.  I would challenge that...I am psychic, I think I need a talk show..."Psychic Sandi"!

I don't have much to impart on all you, my fine readers of this mind numbingly ordinary blog.  I have been drinking my water as outlined in my 2011 goals, 6 days in a row even!  I also have cute hair today!  Yes, I pin curled it.  Now I am a psychic with cute hair who receives extortion checks! 

Here are a few designs that I think I might need, yes more stash to hoard in case society breaks down and I need to hunker down into the safety of my Lilac Thicket to stitch while the chaos and madness reigns outside.  I mean I have to think of what I need to survive!
 From Imaginating, Holiday Tweet Hearts!  Aren't those tweeters cute!
 Journey to Bethlehem from Blackberry Lane Designs.
 Charlotte from Mirabilia!
 February Small Band Pillow from Pine Mountain.
Thy Kingdom Come from Cross Stitch Antiques. 

Please don't feel sad, I am sure I will find more thrilling designs that I think I have to have.  I won't forget to share all the meaningless trivia of my life.  I mean don't you all just hang on every post, waiting with baited breath for the next update on my blog?  You don't?  Okay, I just increased the amount of hush money you will be sending to me!  I mean do you really want the world to know that you enjoy running naked thru the cornfields when you think no one is watching?  Oh wait a minute that is me...forget that last statement!  But we all know you are one sick, sick individual!

So here at the Lilac Thicket this psychic with cute hair must get dressed and get out there to clean off the car so I can get to work.  God Bless us, everyone!

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Amy said...

I had to get Just Cross stitch. It has a cute all red design. You know how I go for those.

HaHa you have snow!!!!