Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Froggy Wednesday Morning

 When I opened the curtains this morning it was so pretty, the misty look to the neighborhood until I realize "No dear, remember this is not a fairytale neighborhood, it is Nightmare on Walnut".  Yes I had to aim high to avoid shooting the neighbors perpetual brown plastic trash can at the curb, yes 365 days a year and the drug house next to that and the thousand beat up cars parked in the drive and at the curb in front of their house and the house across the street and in front of the trash can house.  Yes the beauty of an old "HOA"less neighborhood.
I think I am becoming a "rosette" head, sort of like a crack head but legal!  I made the yellow paper rosettes at work last evening and then at Craft Gossip (I LOVE that website) I found this gorgeous rosette made from fabric strips and an old CD.  Here is the link:

So this morning I made the blue one in the pic above.  Now ladies, be gentle with me, in the pic it looks like a blue cow patty but it does look pretty in person.  I think that I need to wind the fabric around the spokes a little looser and make it fluffier.  However my mind is whirling with possibilities, gift toppers, brooches for sweaters or coats, tie backs for curtains, large ponytail barrettes, magnets, decor for the corner of a mirror and on and on.  I was also thinking, they are big but you could make them smaller by cutting out cardboard circles or circles from milk jugs.  I love 'em!

When I put them on my chair to photograph, Rose must have thought they were real, because she came over and sniffed and then snagged it in her mouth and began to amble out the door!  I tried to get a pic but my camera is slow in focusing.  I love my girls!

Tomorrow is supposed to be near 60° here in our Lilac Thicket.  We are very jazzed about that!  I wish I didn't have to work!  I am off on Friday and Saturday, so there will be joy here in the Thicket.  We three ladies here send our love and blessings and we thank you for visiting our wee li'l corner of the world!

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Amy said...

It is 60 and rainy here this morning. We needed the rain. But it doesn't make it less dreary.

I am trying to get the Christmas stuff put away and get organized again. Plus get my homeschool stuff ready for after the 1st.

Have a wonderful day!