Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beauty has a painful price!

 One of the down sides of my weight loss is a renewed interest in having cute hair.  My hair is now down past my waist and if I pin curl it the curls last a good 3 days!  Don't pay attention to the double chin, but it was a triple chin.  As dry as the air is I will have delightful curls in my lovely long hair when I wake up in the morning, yes I sleep on all the bobby pins and it can be painful but cute hair is worth it!  I won't mention it takes 20 to 25 minutes to pin all my hair up!  My arms get tired but cute hair is definitely worth it!

As I was in the shower, shampooing and shaving my under arms, my Britney Spaniel, Rose, kept sticking her nose in and out of the shower.  I would pull back the curtain and she would dance around my small bathroom and wait until the shower curtain fell back in place before she would stick her nose back in.  She is such a funny girl sometimes and of course that sweet orange nose of hers is always stuck in some delightfully smelly place!  Wait a minute maybe my smelly self was what she was investigating!  LOL!!
 So I did do some stitching today.  I started late and was interupted by 2 rotten pups who would want in and out, then in and out and then feed us, then in and out and in, then give me my medicine (my Britney) and 3 phone calls from my mother.  I like this piece more and more!  I am a horribly slow stitcher but I do want to stitch even a few stitches each day.
I received in the mail today my January/February Just CrossStitch issue in the mail today.  I looked thru it and the above design really caught my eye.  Gail Bussi is the designer.  I think the tea pots are very sweet.

We are forecast to get ice tonight.  Well I went out and taped a plastic garbage bag over the windshield and driver side window.  I also taped a paper bag over the door handle.  Last winter I almost had to wait for spring to thaw the door handle so I could get into my car!  Yes Amy, I hate you and your warm weather!  LOL!!  You love rubbing it in, don't cha?  So I stepped outside to try to take a pic of Christmas lights on my neighbors house in my t-shirt, panties and pin curls, thank the Lord it is dark out and we are getting little ice pellets, almost like snowflake size.  By the way the picture didn't turn out.  So we here in the frozen tundra of the Lilac Thicket send you blessings and if you happen to see the above described individual taking a pic from her stoop one cold, dark night, please don't honk, pretend like you don't see her and PLEASE don't call the police!  LOL!!

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