Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chickies and Aliens and Stitchies...OH MY!!

 And this is the ugliness that the gusty winds blew in!  Yikes, I opened my front door to see how frosty it was out and I was quite literally, horrified!  I was up sick a good deal of last night and to tell you the truth I would have preferred a very balmy 70° out there this morning.  The girls have snuggled in the house, which is unusual.  They prefer the backyard, especially April, even when it is cold. 

Stitching? Did I hear that?  I printed off all the parts to the AAN "A Christmas Tree" sal only to discover that the color printer cartridge was petering out.  I thought I would still be able to piece it together and still use it.  But no!  Disgusted I sat and watched a movie called "The 4th Kind".  It is supposed to be based on true events, aliens stealing humans away and then bringing them back only to have the humans go nutz and kill family and themselves.  This is supposed to have happened in Nome, Alaska.  Now some of you folks of the liberal persuasion may want to blame Sarah Palin, I happen to love Sarah, I do, I read her book and watch her with great pleasure on political shows, but c'mon, I don't think she knows how to drive a UFO!  Besides where would she park it?  You know I got a little off topic here. 

So this morning I printed the same pattern pieces again and put them together with tape.
 I feel like I have done a jigsaw puzzle.  And I was missing a piece and it took me several minutes to find it in the pdf file of my computer.  Alas, fine friends I am ready to start this piece at long last.

The above image is the progress I have made on "Un Tour Dans Mon Sac" from C Mon Monde ( The name of the design translates to "A Ride in My Bag". I love the elements of the design in particular the umbrella and the handbag...way cute. I am using WDW pea coat for the black and I am using a fabric from "Color Blooms" Enchanted Night 32count. This is a brilliant French designer. I bought this through the Violarium web site (, she is delightfully quick in shipping too! The photo right above that is the the leaflet itself. 

Such a cute free design that I saved. I was thinking it would make a cute header for a calender, with pages printed from Microsoft Office. It's getting that time of year when I need to think about a unique calendar to use at work. It would be neat to turn the pink birds to blue birds of happiness! At the above site she also has a chickie of the month stitch along. There are way cute chickies to stitch. Thinking they would be fun little door knob hangers for the kitchen in particular. Be sure to check out the link on the left (when you follow the above link) that says "Projet commun: l'annee des Poulettes". That is where the chicks are! Did you hear Connie Francis singing "Where the chicks are, chickies wait for you?", I did and will be singing it loudly to my poohs! LOL!!!

Oh yes, I did find that January Challenge Stitch Along I mentioned in a previous entry.
You start one project a day for the first 15 days of January and then see how many you can finish.  Check it out. 

So once again it is time for yours truly to venture forth for  warmth from the December winds here in the midst of the Lilac Thicket.  May all your stitches be blessed.

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