Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More stitchin' done!

 I have stitched today, not a lot done but I have enjoyed stitching the green curly Q's.  The metallic fiber in the lugana is fuzzing my floss, so I have to keep the length on my needle shorter.  I wanted to post my progress today, so folks will actually see progress!  I have had a headache I can't seem to shake.  It my be a bit of stress, my great, great niece who is 21 months old had surgery today.  It is one of 2 planned surgeries.  The child has a tumor that has grown into the bone around the bottom of her eye socket.  They got a lot of it removed today.  The good news is it isn't cancerous!  Amen! 

The above pic is of a cute free design that is offered at the link provided.  I would definitely be changing the words to something in English.  Love the deer and the ornaments on the bare tree. 

I am going to cut this entry short.  I want to fix some eggs and toast and do some more stitching.  It was warmer today but still chilly here in our Lilac Thicket.  Please do keep RoseLynn in your prayers, she is such a sweet little girl and she will be fine as everything is in our Father's hands, but prayers never hurt.  God Bless us Everyone!
My Mom and RoseLynn at our Fourth of July family get together!

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Amy said...

Lots of prayers for RoseLynn!! I will put her in my prayer box.

Love that green on that color of background.

It is suppose to be in the 70's today. I'll put in a word to send you up some. LOL

Love ya!