Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surprise! Door Prize!

I won a door prize from Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks ( when I visited the Online Needlework Show in October.  It was the only vendor that I entered for a door prize.  My goodness, imagine my surprise when I was one of several winners to receive 3 designs from her.  She sent me one of my favorite designs, a new design entitled "Champagne" which I want to stitch as a wedding sampler for my upcoming marriage.  I thought on the label there is enough room for me to stitch over one my name and Robert's and the date of our marriage.  I went up and bought the DMC for it and it looked nice on the 30count hand dyed linen in the color "gold" which was the November selection of the Stitches 'n Things ( Fabric of the Month selection. Then I decided that it wasn't festive enough for such a piece celebrating a blessed event like my marriage so I want to get the "Reflections" fabric from Silk-weaver's ( because it has opalescent fibers in it and would be perfect. The other 2 designs I received as my door prize were "Bridal Bouquet" and "Chiocciola".  Such a generous gift that I love.   I also want to encourage you to go to AA Needleworks as she has a SAL which is a beautiful Christmas tree but it is only available until December 31st and then all 10 parts will be gone forever.  I hope she has a SAL for 2011 because I love her designs.

I got an e-mail this morning from Violarium that my chart has shipped ALREADY!!!!  (See yesterday's pic.) Wow such great service!  Well I have a great 3 day weekend starting tomorrow, I just have to get thru today!  God will give me the strength.

I have a new pair of Denim & Co jeans on.  I purchased them from QVC.   They are grey in color.  The sweater that I bought is tight and I don't feel comfortable in it.  I will hold onto it because it will fit better soon.  It's funny how these sizes vary so.  I hate to see overweight people wearing skin tight clothes that show every roll of fat.  I would rather have something a little too big then too tight!

I have been searching because I saw someone post somewhere a link to a proposed stitch along where one starts one new project each day starting January 1st and continuing to do so thru January 15th.  The goal is to see how many you can finish.  Well darn it, I can't find that link and I didn't save it.  Darn it!!!

Well off to spend some cash on a something at Hobby Lobby.  Have a wonderful Thursday from the Lilac Thicket!  God Bless us Everyone!

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