Saturday, December 11, 2010


 It has turned cold and windy here in the Kansas City area.  The wind is whipping around, leaves swirling down the streets, my hair flying wildly around my face.  I swear I even saw a small white poodle fly by.  LOL!!  I saw poor little birds clinging for their lives on power lines as the wind whipped their feathers around.

 So I decided to go out to Blue Springs to C. C. & Company this morning.  The above pic is over the Blue Springs lake looking off to the north.  Clouds were moving in and the sun was behind me.  The water in the lake looked black, no Canadian Snow Geese were seen but there was a lost seagull circling the water.  Yes we do get seagulls here in land locked Kansas City, they migrate and stop here. 
 They always have such cute little outdoors displayed at C.C.'s to greet us as we get out of our cars.
 Santa sat right by the door greeting us as we got to the door.  I went in and wandered around and found plenty to keep me busy.  I will share my purchases with you a little further down. 
 I hate going to the grocery store on Saturdays.  The parking lot was packed but it wasn't too bad inside.  No screaming children but I did hear one child singing some song quite loudly in the next aisle and that made me smile.  I do not like children, yes I was one at one time but there is something definitely different about lots of children today.  I would have had my rear blistered if I misbehaved as a lot of children do in public today and then we have the parents which seem total oblivious to the bad behavior of their virulent off spring.  Pretty scary thinking I am going to be a step mother, huh!  Anyway as usual my girls were extremely helpful to me as I carried in the groceries as pictured above.  I don't think I could properly muscle in the 40 pound bags of dog food without the two of them supervising me. 
 This is the floss, fabric and beads for Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "A Christmas Tree" 2010 stitch along.  I chose Zweigart's Lugana Metallic 28 count in gold/mushroom.  I think the mushroom color will give the piece a bit of a vintage look.  LOVE IT!
 For the Alessandra Adelaide "Champagne" design.  I bought Cashel White Opalescent 28 count.  I LOVE IT!
The rest of my purchases, an 11" by " Q Snap, 3 packages of Piecemaker needles in size 24, La-D-Da's designs Lazy Alphabet and Pumpkins Three.  And I got for FREE a key chain flash light with C. C's address and phone # on it!  BONUS!!!!

So the rest of my day?  C'mon now do you really need to ask?  If you said "stitching"...wrong!  Napping is the correct answer!  LOL!!  Just teasing!  Floss and needles will be flying around here at the Lilac Thicket, not because I will be feverishly stitching but from the wind I hear outside!    God Bless us everyone! 

PS:  This was a sign outside a church I saw today "If you love me, you will obey my 10 commandments." 

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Amy said...

Glad to see you back around. Life has a way of changing so much.

It is in the 70's but very windy here today.

Have a wonderful day.