Monday, December 13, 2010

My newest start and 2011 goals

 Not a lot stitched but I have started my ANN "A Christmas Tree".  So far so good.  The only problem is the Q-Snap is 11"x17" and it is a little cumbersome holding onto as I stitch.  I love the fabric and the 3 colors of green stitched so far look great on the fabric.  Love the sparkles!

I have started working up my goals for 2011.  I will share them on January 1st.  I was very successful with the goals I set for myself for 2010.  I think that I was successful because they were reasonable and maybe because I have such a stubborn mind.  I am thrilled with the results of several of my goals and not too hard on myself when I am not successful with some, like gossip, gosh that is such a hard habit to break, particularly in a call center setting.  I am NOT enabling myself but I have done much better at not gossiping and usually realize immediately after it has come out of my mouth what I have done.  A very interesting idea that I heard on a commercial
no less, at work, complain up and compliment down.  Only complain to people who can change what you are complaining about.  Compliments about things well done at work get passed to co-workers.  I have been working at that and it does help curb some of my gossiping.
Oh my gosh I LOVE these bookmark designs and they are free, FREE, FREE!!!! Follow the link!
Our high here in Kansas City is supposed to be 20° today and 28° tomorrow, boy a regular heat wave!  The wind has died down which is great.
I am going to sit down here in the Lilac Thicket and put a few stitches in before I go work.  I hope all of you have a blessed day!

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Amy said...

Love the bookmark designs.

My Ink Circle project that you sent me is on my 2011 project list.

Stay warm and have a blessed afternoon.