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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a difference 6 months makes!

And so life has changed so much from my last post.  God really has a way of surprising us.  I continue to lose weight, down as much as 3 sizes in my undergarments.  I actually have bought real blue jeans 2 sizes smaller than the elastic waist pants I had.  I can see definition in my shoulders and can actually encircle my wrist with the fingers of my left hand.  My tummy doesn't touch the steering wheel of my car, and I DID NOT push the seat back, LOL!  My back doesn't hurt any longer and I can actually bend over and pick things up off the floor.  Life is good and getting better.

I met an amazing man and we have plans for a future together.  I never imagined getting married again but with him, I do.  I could go on and on about him but I won't bore you.

Stitching has been very spotty.  Sometimes I work on stuff and sometimes I don't.  The above picture is a darling design from Lilipoints entitled "Merry Christmas".  I ordered it on-line from Violarium (http://www.violarium.com), and I have ordered from them once before and had terrific service.  When I get home I will take a picture of the C Mon Monde Halloween design I am stitching.  I love those French designers, don't you?  Plus today I sent off for two darling free designs which two different designers offered with an e-mail, of course both Christmas designs.  I also noticed that LagattaC (http://lagattac.blogspot.com/) is once again up and updating which greatly enhances my stashing capacity with freebies.  Love it!

It is cold here in Kansas City.  It is going to warm to 53° or 54° which will be great so I can clean the Stuffed Spud soup that escaped the crock-pot as it sat in the trunk of my car and tipped over on that wild tea cup ride to work Sunday.  I want to get the hose out to wash down the carpet, yes OUTSIDE the trunk! LOL!

I would also encourage all of you who love to craft to visit my favorite daily stop Craft Gossip.  Crafty gals post entries about stuff going on at their blogs.  I have found tons of cute ideas and patterns for knitting, crocheting AND cross stitch.  It is definitely worth a visit! http://craftgossip.com/

I will work to do a better job of blogging, if only to bore you with gory details about the love of my life, cross stitch, doggies and of course that cute Italian man I am going to marry!  Ciao for now from the frozen reaches of a bare Lilac Thicket!

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