Sunday, May 1, 2011

Animal abuse, domestic abuse, audio abuse

It was a lovely day yesterday.  I picked up Professor after church and we went in quest of nature.  We drove out to Prairie Lee Lake looking for the big fish that you could feed.  All the roads to it were closed and I guess it is closed.  So we drove out to the Marina at Lake Jacomo but Professor didn't want to stay.  We ended up at a boat dock somewhere and then found the bison down by Missouri Town. 
There were lots of people with kids there feeding the bison carrots and apples.  Bison #40 seemed to be getting most of the action, snorting and throwing it's head up and down.  There were 3 or 4 calves there and one kept running up near the fence but just beyond a tree, keeping it's space from the silly folks.  I did enjoy them very much.
Professor became an expert at checking out the hind quarters of the bison and determining their sex.  I think I should be troubled by that.  We also were comforted by the fact we still do not like children.  There were a couple of boys trying to poke the bison in the eye with sticks and throwing things at them while their beloved Auntie stood by and did nothing.  God is good, he knew I would not like children that is why he blessed me with NONE!

Another troubling event at the Lilac abuse!  Professor tried to make my Rose a beast of burden by forcing her into giving stuffed bears dog back rides!  Do you see that beseeching look on Rose's face?  She is wondering why I am taking a picture rather than coming to her rescue.
Professor also perpetrated domestic violence upon me when I tried to take a revealing picture of him being domestic.  He launched the stuffed bear at me.  Now he has been assailing me with his singing.  Do you have any idea who told him he could sing?  I would like to string them up.

So here at the Lilac Thicket we will be moving furniture from my Mom's home to our home later today.  Right now I need to find some cotton for my ears if I have any hope of staving off deafness.  God Bless us everyone!

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