Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For sale! One Professor!

The weather has warmed up considerably here in the Lilac Thicket.  I am a bit surprised that it took so long.  Usually April is the month the heat and humidity cranks up.  Sadly my tomato seeds have not sprouted.  I think I need to make a hot house tent over them to keep the moisture in.  So many things I want to get to and I have been working overtime in hopes of catching up with some bills.  Stitching has definitely been on the back burner. 

Professor has his self in some deep trouble.  He had pushed the bed back to clean under the bed.  He was sprinkling with his fingers water to keep down the dust while he vacuumed.  I offered him my pretty pink spray bottle from the bathroom, it had water in it and I used it for my pin curls and to tame my bangs.  Today, I was dicing a tomato and I see my little pink spray bottle with something foul and orange in it.  I asked him what was in there.  He put the Pledge floor cleaner in my water bottle.  I asked him why he did that and he said I gave it to him.  I told him he was incorrect, I told him he could use it to spritz water not to take it and put whatever unwatery substance in it.  Oops...I'm sorry!  Let us also not forget his vigorous cleaning on the entertainment center and knocking my Precious Moments sculpture off and breaking it into a thousand pieces.  My brother had given that to me for Christmas several years back.  Then he threw away my beautiful garland that I had on the entertainment center.  Oh and I caught him taking a wicker sconce off the wall to throw away because it had dust on it.  Yes, my well meaning Professor might find himself in the garbage very soon!  He gets very excited about cleaning and loves a tidy house, which I love and appreciate but soon, I won't have anything left except that horrible little blue boy figurine he bought at the thrift shop.  Oh my, I might have to vigorously clean it into a thousand pieces of shattered plaster pieces.

So I saw the following and think they are marvelous!  I am going to try this.

Love these and they are made out of paper!  Remember when we folded gum wrappers to create a chain?  This is similar!

Our baby robins are growing and occasionally see their little heads pop up.  Momma is busy feeding them.  I have no idea how many they are but can't wait to see them fledge.

So my fine and gentle readers, I pray your week is full of joy and peace and not the kind of piece I found my Precious Moments.  God Bless us Everyone!

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