Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hanging around and the clogged bathtub drain

The professor told me he wanted to clean the gutters on the house.  I told him since it had rained so much and the ground was soft it would be a good idea to do it when I could spot for him.  I didn't want the ladder legs to sink into the ground and throw him off.

Yesterday morning I had got up early and then went back to bed.  I was awakened by some clattering on the bedroom walls and ceiling and simultaneously an 80 lb dog jumped up on the bed, apparently scared by the noise.  I flew up and saw a pair of bony bow legs with knobby knees hanging in front of the windows, the ladder was there and cock-eyed.  I ran to the front door and threw it open and yelled are you okay as the Professor clung to the eaves of the house.  The leg of the ladder had sunk into the ground!  Imagine that.  The Professor climbed down the ladder with a long stick, a garden trowel and a hose in his hands.  Geez, I wonder why no one warned him that it was dangerous to put the ladder on soft ground.

This morning Professor tells me he is going to wash some of his clothes by hand.  I am in the bedroom making the bed and getting ready for work.  I hear, bang, bang, suck, bang, bang, suck....

"What's going on it there?"  He says, "the bathtub is plugged!"  I say "that's funny, I had no problems when I took a shower last night...is the drain closure lever to the open position?"  "Yes!"

I walk into the bathroom and flip the lever down and the water instantly drains.  He looks at me and asks me why I closed it last night.  I told him I didn't touch it but his banging around with the bucket must have knocked it to closed.  "Oh-h-h!!" and he smirks.  I asked him if he never used a bath tub before and he said they didn't have bath tubs in Guyana!  They use showers!

So there you have it gentle readers, a travelling tip for those who want to visit the Caribbean country of Guyana!  They have NO bathtubs there!  God Bless us Everyone!

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