Monday, May 16, 2011

Cause of death...Marmite

It was a nice weekend even though the sun was selfish and never appeared for even a moment.  Yes here is a picture of my tomato seedlings this morning!  I added more water and twist tied the top and it is sitting out in the sunshine in the backyard. 

I am up and showered and was outside to enjoy the sun and watch the girlz trip around the yard doing what I call perimeter patrol.  We have to see what interlopers have encroached on our territory during the evening.  It is mostly Rose, my Britney who has always had her nose to the ground.  She followed a scent that seemed to end at the fence but she smelled up the fence and then let out a bark.  A squirrel must have gone over the fence.  April just trips after Rose, almost emulating her.  Rose is a dog's dog! April is just, well...April!
When I was going thru the spare bedroom I found this piece that I finished some time ago.  It was a free design.  It was done by the designer in one color.  I found I liked it much better with different colors. 
Last evening after my nap I actually stitched!  I hadn't stitched since the Professor came at the beginning of April, so it was a real treat.  Professor has over taken my happy chair so I set up on the sofa with my Ott light and I watched television and just enjoyed.

Death was narrowly averted last night.  I was sitting minding my own business when the Professor decided to shove a spoon full of this nasty crap between me and my stitching.  I told him to get that spoon full of vileness away from my stitching and if any got on my stitching he would be finding himself stiff as a board up at Langsford funeral home.  He laughed rather nervously as he saw the serious look on my face. 
My poke cake turned out well.  I thought it was delicious.  The professor looked at me and told me he thought the lemon one I made previously was better.  I would say he doesn't have good taste, but he did pick me.

Gentle readers I pray that your week will be lovely and filled with all that is good!  God Bless us Everyone.

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