Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, starring our girl Rose with a special appearance from the Professor!

Our day at the Lilac Thicket consisted of naps, Saturdays can be so exhausting.
Then it was time for a walk for our plump, elderly Rose.  But we first had to take a picture of our baby Robins.
We have 3 baby robins filling up the nest.
And here we bid a farewell to the Professor and our Rosie with the cute swinging rear end.
So April and I wait and amuse ourselves taking pictures of many things.
Here is Mama Robin feeding her babies.  This task lasted all day, dawn to dusk.  Talk about someone needing a nap!
Our Robin babies are SO big they just don't really fit in the nest anymore.
Here we spot the Professor and God bless him he is so patient.
And even closer...
Every house on the way back our Rose has to sit and rest, the Professor patiently waits.  Oh except for when Rose spotted a total stranger and had to run over and tell her how wonderful it was that the stranger came out of her house just in honor of Rose's visit.
Here we are closer to home!  We finally spot Mommy yelling encouragement and snapping pictures.
Almost home, one more house to go! 
The little Britney with the hug heart is almost home. 
Joyous reunion, April is so thrilled her Rose has survived her ordeal! 
Finally she gets rid of that blasted leash, she doesn't understand why she can't just have an invisible leash.
And now the break dance begins.  We spin this way... 
we curl that way and... 
finally we look up hoping a talent scout camera from American Idol has spotted our performance. 
These are my tomato seedlings this morning.  There are in excess of 25 little starts!  The Professor made a bloody ill comment "I don't know why you are getting SO excited about those plants."  Well Professor, it will be a cold day in hell before you get to taste one of my heirloom tomatoes!

Let's hope Sunday here is just as delightful as Saturday.  God Bless us Everyone!

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