Thursday, May 12, 2011

Professor Homekeeper's Terrorist Tactics on TAPS and Puppy Toes

Yes it finally happened.  It's hard to tell from this pic but 2 tomato plants have officially broken the dirt.  I am so excited!  I put them in a clear plastic bag and set them outside hoping to create a greenhouse effect so a few more plants will sprout.  I will keep you informed of my gardening endeavor!

I did not work any overtime today and it was so nice to sleep in.  The Professor shut the bedroom door so that any noise would be cut down on.  He is very sweet and thoughtful. I told him the title of my blog entry yesterday and he promptly called me a terrorist.  Moments later he sternly threatened April if she didn't stop growling at him.  I reminded him that HE was the terrorist, threatening poor little puppies huddled under the dining room table. 

He swept the front room floor and then took the scatter rugs out to the garage to shake them out.  I asked him why didn't he take them out the front door to shake out so that the dogs wouldn't track in what he just shook out.  He thought that a good idea.  He has been applying some Pledge wood floor treatment trying to perk up the wood floors in the front room.  It seems to be doing a good job as the floors really do look better.  He then went out to do some gardening in the front yard.  When I left for work he was happily sweeping off the front walk way.  Rose, his new love interest was laying in the middle of the yard supervising his work with a great deal of joy.  She hardly gave me a glance as I walked to the car.  I think she is still miffed with me for explaining the correlation between snacks and her big butt to the Professor.

Oh yes Professor had cooked up some BBQ chicken last evening and he had it sitting out for me when I got home.  It was very good.  It had been a long time since I enjoyed it.  Too bad there wasn't any of my yummy potato salad to go with the yummy chickie pooh. 

The Professor doesn't enjoy my Ghost Hunter program and I have to commandeer the remote on Wednesday evenings to see it.  He says it gives him the "creeps".  I find this amusing considering the bloody, violent, shoot 'em up movies he watches.  So, I am sitting at the table with my laptop listening and watching the TAPS team investigate.  Professor is sitting in my happy chair with his laptop open and his headset on listening to music.  I hear the music very lightly but I glance over at the tv every bit.  He blurts out that I am not even paying attention to the tv, now this comes from a man I walked into the home to find wearing ear phones to the laptop, the radio on and the tv blaring.  I didn't tell him it was a repeat, I made him suffer through a hour of Ghost Hunters before I relinquished my iron fist clamped on the remote.  I don't think it is too much to ask for 1 hour of tv a week, do you?

The Professor was highly amused when he was listening to the theme from the movie "Ghostbusters" and he would yell "Ghostbusters" in the chorus as my program was on.  Yes dear, very clever!  I get it!

You know gentle readers, my life has never been filled with so much joy and delight.  The Professor brings that and so much more into my formerly solitary and quiet life.  At night when he is sleeping and quiet, I say a prayer, thanking the Lord for sending me such a wonderful man.  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him and in turn bore you half to death with his antics.

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Amy said...

You can make him really suffer with a marathon of Ghost Adventures on Friday nights on Travel Channel. LOL