Monday, May 2, 2011

Our new table

Our new dining table, the chairs are in the garage awaiting tightening of the legs.  The center piece is something that caught my Mom's eye at an estate sale some time back.  It looks lovely on the table.  I think I want different color candles though.
This is a ladies handkerchief that I bought at the thrift shop a long time ago.  I love the crocheted edge and butterfly!  We had dinner at our new table last evening.  I made spaghetti and blueberry cobbler.  It was a lovely evening here in the wilds of the Lilac Thicket.

We do believe our Mama robin has hatched her eggs.  Yesterday afternoon I saw her fly off with a piece of blue something and it was I believe part of an egg and then she came back and appeared to be feeding something.  We haven't seen or heard the baby birds but we believe they are there.

Well gentle readers the residents of the Lilac Thicket wish you a great week.  God Bless us Everyone.

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