Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Pot, the Dot and Blessings A Lot!

Good morning my gentle readers.  I am doing my last 2 hours of overtime for hopefully a long time to come.  I feel very blessed that my employer has so much overtime to offer which in turn will help me financially get caught up.  It was VERY difficult to roll out of bed and leave my sweet, darling Professor sleeping like the wonderful prince he is.

Thanks to one of my sweetest and dearest friends, Hip Hop Dot had seen the beautiful afghan pictured in the previous post.  It is called Bavarian Crochet and the leaflet is offered by Annie's Attic.  And what is more surprising Hip Hop Dot thinks she has the leaflet.   
I came across the most delightful blog this morning.  I was viewing some new submissions at "The Worlds Greatest Collection of Smalls" and I saw lovely pieces of work. I followed a link to the stitcher's blog.  It's called Between Crosses With Nina, .  Wow what a wonderful stitcher and she dyes her own lace, floss and rick rack and sells it.  I am in love with the products she makes.  The colors are very muted and vintage.  I would love to purchase some and may in time.  She also has a friend who makes her own buttons, which are pictured above and I love the heart buttons at the top that have the roses in them.  I tried to follow the link but couldn't get there at work. I will have to try again when I get home.  Please check out her blog, I think you will be just as enchanted with her work as I am.
I had seen this crochet stitch featured on Craft Gossip and thought it might be what was used in the afghan, but upon consultation with my crochet guru (Hip Hop Dot) it wasn't. I still think it is very pretty and it is called the Shell Star or Star Shell stitch. 

There is chicken thawing at the Lilac Thicket, I plan on making some chicken and rice in the crock pot.  Also I am going to make one of those Jello poke cakes for my sweet sleeping prince.  I am so jazzed too because I now have FIVE tomato seedlings poking up!  Wow, I can taste those tomatoes now....yummy!

Professor has become enamoured with my favorite thrift shop, you know the one.  Yesterday he came home with some place mats, a doll in a red gingham check dress, 2 birds figurines and a ceramic jello mold to hang on the wall.  God bless him, he wants to redo the whole house to wipe away all bad memories I have of my previous marriage.  I mean really gentle readers he wants to be my knight in shining armour, how wonderful is that?

Well besides my crock pot meal and cake to make, I will take the Professor to church and then do some grocerying before I pick him up at noon.  Gasoline is needed and I am so thankfully that the residents of our Lilac Thicket have such an economically vehicle to use when we do venture out into the big bad world.

There, there, I hear the sniffling again as my fine, faithful readers you know I am about to end this boring missive!  Stay happy, stay peaceful, stay blessed!

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Amy said...

Loved the blogsite. I really needed another cross stitch site. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend. I am leaving for Ohio tommorrow. I hope to pop in while I am gone.

Love ya