Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tinkling and the well adjusted adult

And I announce, "It's tinkle time."  I put myself into Aux 2, break, so no calls come to my extension while I am away from my desk at work.

The young man next to me that we shall call "Schwartzendangle" to protect his anonymity who is but a mere babe in the woods at 29 years of age, looks at me quizzically "Tinkle?" 

"Yes, Schwartzendangle...tinkle...to relieve oneself when one has a full bladder!"

Schwartzendangle replies, "I don't hang with anyone who tinkles!"

"Really?  How do the individuals you hang with relieve themselves?"

His answer, "They take a leak."

Now Schwartzendangle loves sports, and right now he is following our hometown favorite, the Kansas City Royals.  That being said and wanting to really make tinkling personal in his case I try to bring a baseball analogy to this adult discussion.  "So your mother never encouraged you as a toddler to go tinkle in the big boy potty?"  and I try to pretend to be his mother "Let's go tinkle big boy" followed by a clap clap, like the baseball chant!


"Did she ever devise a tinkle in the big boy potty batting average?  Take the total amount of tinkle times and divide it by the successful times you made tinkle in the potty instead of your pants?"


"Well Schwartzendangle perhaps that is why you aren't as well adjusted as I am!  I know how to tinkle properly and I don't leak!"

Yes gentle readers, this is the type of adult conversations that go on in all work places now a days.  And to be quite honest back in my toddler days, Mom really knew how to make potty training fun!

Gentle readers may your day be filled with good things.  God Bless us Everyone

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Mouse said...

I can relate to that ... lol I either go for a tinkle or nip(being the operative word ) to the loo ,..lol love mouse xxx