Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommo's Day!

Mother's Day started out well for my neighbors!  The Professor mowed the lawn.  Yes he fired up that bad boy at 7:30am this Sunday morning!
 I baked up some special brownies to take over to Mom's and we visited with her an hour and a half or so.  Yes I will share my secret brownie recipe with you later in the post.  We had a nice visit.  My sister had sent her the coolest balloon design.
It's a dragonfly!  I had never seen a balloon sculpture like this and I thought it was darling.
On the way home we stopped at Lake Jacomo, it was such a gorgeous day.  We stopped at the marina and got out and went and visited the public dock where people were fishing from.  My baby looks SO GQ, doesn't he?! 
And then there was me, ugh!  But I really enjoyed my day.
Swallows were building their mud nests under the roof on the pier and they kept visiting their babies to feed them.  Just by chance I got one flying away.  You know darn well that I couldn't get a picture on purpose like this.  They never co-operate with me. 
 I got my ivy starts all potted.  My tomato seeds still haven't spouted!  Hope they will soon.  I have my taste buds all set for homegrown tomatoes.
Almost forgot here is my secret brownie recipe!  Yes they are yummy!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  We sure did here in the Lilac Thicket.  God Bless us Everyone.

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