Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend's almost here for stuff

Hello my fine and gentle readers, yes it will be almost warm enough for me to don my flour sack bikini, grab my umbrella and inner tube and take a dip in the girlz water dish this weekend.  I think that perhaps my left butt cheek might squeeze in that drinking receptacle without the remaining paraphernalia. 

I am working 2½ hours overtime tomorrow morning and will get off in time to take the Professor to church at 9:00am. I really am hoping to finish cleaning the spare bedroom this weekend. I have an itch to make something wonderful and can't until I get the 2 remaining bedrooms cleaned up.  Tomorrow I will make a double batch of brownies to take to Mom's Sunday, so she will have a sweet something for her family when they come to visit and give her heartfelt felicity.

I plan on making nachos sandi grande for dinner on Saturday evening and then I am not sure what I will make on Sunday.  The Professor is not a big beef eater but he is sure to begin clucking one of these days as he eats copious quantities of chicken.  I think I would almost prefer clucking over his singing.  It is painful to hear the baritone pitched voice try to hit high notes.

So my finds on Craft Gossip are many.  These are great projects which I might someday find the courage to actually make!
Lori on 1-2-3 Stitch! Message Board posted this finish and I have to say, I adore this and when I do have a few extra dollars in my wallet, if I ever find it, I will have to buy it.  Yes my gentle readers, my wallet is still missing as is the debit card, but the Professor did find his house key, it was in the the pocket of his jeans!  Now tell me, why didn't I think to ask him if he had looked there first?  Beats me!
No link to this one but I bet if Google "Very Jane" you could find the site.  Love the headband!
Are these the cutest.  I was thinking what a delightful little cheer up prezzie they would make.
A linen table runner!  I like it and it looks vintage.
Okay this is cool.  You can type in a name or phrase and it generates it Hebrew!
This is the second cool idea using a wood pallet!  How darling this pallet garden is!
I do not have the waist line for this skirt but I adore it.
No link but I loved the pink slipper cookies!  They look so like fuzzy pink house slippers.
Another cute hair thing!
Crocheted flowers!
Crocheted 'em!
I like the cross stitch freebie.
Okay, love, love, love this hook thinky, what a great idea with the vase!
I liked the bookmarks, especially the pink and green ones.  This whole sha-bang was on Craft Gossip, the pink and green ones are at Kincavel Krosses.

I hear the sniffing and soon the sobs will begin because I am signing off here in the Lilac Thicket.  May all your dreams be big and may you stay blessed.

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