Friday, April 29, 2011

Sun bathing dogs, crashing angels, seeing a man about a job

It has been a lovely week here in the Lilac Thicket.  Professor has been hard at it cleaning our new sofa, planting the lovely flowers (pictured above) and other cleaning marvels that have never before seen in our lovely secluded Eden.  He claims that our beloved 12 year old Britney Spaniel has been supervising him and that is why various things happen or don't because Rose is/is not watching close enough.  Case in point, I get an IM that he has broken my folk art angel on the entertainment center in pursuit of an over-vigorous cleaning.  It was Rose's fault she was too busy sun bathing to supervise him properly.  Oh well the angel is now in heaven where all angels end up.  I am enjoying every minute of Professor's cleaning, no matter how many angels end up in heaven.

Professor and I were discussing our printer issue, we needed to "find" something to put it on in the front room.  Mom's neighbor had his house repossessed which is very sad but the bank cleared everything left out of the house into the front yard.  My mother went over and got a lovely dining table and 4 chairs AND a bottom half of a china cabinet.  She called and told us to come over to take a look at them, she had thought of us.  The chairs need to have the legs glued but it is definitely a lovely set for the cost of nothing.  The cabinet bottom has a top that is marred badly but a nice doily or table runner would cover that, Professor and I think it is tall enough for a sofa table.  My darling brother is going to pick them up and bring them over this weekend.  My current little kitchen table, we are going to put it in my craft room as a work surface, as soon as that room is cleaned out.  I am so excited and Professor keeps proclaiming how all is coming along so smoothly, we both believe it is God working for us. 

But to get back to the printer table we walked over to the pile in my mother's neighbor's yard and we both spotted the above end table.  It needed cleaning and it also needs a screw or two in one of the legs, but it sits nicely in the corner and hides a lot of the cords for our laptop.  It was a great solution and it cost us nothing but a little gas and elbow grease.
Professor Kleenz It Up quickly changed into his Professor Birdwatcher attire on Wednesday, he should have dressed in pants not shorts because there was a cool breeze off the water and little sunshine.  But we drove out to the lake and broke in his binoculars on some birds.  We spotted a Great Blue Heron, a blue bird, swallows and ducks and ducklings.  We sat up at the Marina and just marvelled at all the shades of green and the sound of the water lapping onto the shore.  It was a wonderful morning and I enjoyed sharing it with the Professor. 

This weekend I am going to start my tomato seeds and begin the cleaning of the guest bedroom.  I have a special dinner I plan on cooking for my Professor Lover Boy.  Besides my brother bringing over our furniture we will make a trip over to my other brother's to see a man about a lawn job he wishes Professor Lawn Care to do for him.  We should have a wonderful weekend in the Lilac Thicket and I am certain it will go by far too quickly for my taste.  May you know the happiness and joy we residents of the Thicket know.  God Bless us Everyone.

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