Saturday, April 23, 2011

A bargain and a household tip to easily remove blood!

A new sofa in the Lilac Thicket, well not so new but  a wonderful find at my favorite Thrift Shop which you have heard me speaking of in a previous post.  My beloved and I went up there Wednesday in search of sweatpants for his Royal Professorship.  We both saw this Lazyboy Sleeper Sofa and commented on it.  It had been marked from $100 down to $60 and were told if we hauled it out of the store upon paying for it we would get an additional 25% off.  I called my nephew with the pick-up and he could come to our rescue so... we have a "new" sofa for $45.  It needs a little cleaning and it will be beautiful. Next I want toss pillows and I saw this....

They don't look too difficult to make and I was thinking a blue fabric for the pillow form cover and the ruffle in white!  I think it will be very pretty. 

Well his Royal Professorship (RP) has been a domestic wonder and I love it.  Nothing in my life is as it was 3 weeks ago, a little bit of confusion such as losing my debit card, his house key and my wallet has ensued in the cleaning and reorganizing that has been ongoing.  However RP makes a comment how I need to be "more careful" with my "things" because I am misplacing my items!  So after the police and EMS left upon tending to RP's injuries (there sure is a lot of blood shed when someone accidentally is thrown thru a window) I gently reminded him that when I leave for work my home looks one way and when I get home it has been rearranged, making it is difficult to remember where I last placed something.  Domestic Bliss, I love it.

No stitching has been accomplished in the Thicket, maybe my next day off.  Wednesday if the weather is nice we may go to Missouri Town 1855.  RP loves westerns and this reconstructed town from 1855 would really be interesting to him.  I hope he can navigate the old town on his crutches and he is still having double vision issues due to his unfortunate flight thru the window, so I guess he will enjoy it twice as much.  Love is a wondrous thing!

So my gentle readers please be careful around plate glass windows and hydrogen peroxide works wonders at getting nasty blood stains out of drapes and carpets!  God Bless us Everyone!

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