Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow on the last day of November

I thought the above piece I stitched earlier this year was appropriate because it is snowing here in Kansas City. The above design is a Barbara Ana design stitched on Stitched on Jazlyn 28 count Opal Blue Breeze with DMC floss. I think it may be one of her free designs.
I wanted to write a little considering it is the last day of the month. I went over to Mom's after work yesterday and ate turkey leftovers. It really put my girls into a schedule tizzie. Someone pooped on the front room floor last night while I was sleeping. Shame on my big girls!
I did share my color choices for the Prairie Schooler yesterday. I had forgotten what it is like to stitch with the Olde Willow floss. That stuff gets fuzzy fast and the fibers separate easily. I don't know which cotton floss they use for their base, it might be the JP Coates. I think Works Dyed Weeks uses Anchor and GAST uses DMC. Anyway I love the colors Olde Willow has but I think they use cheap floss for it's base, which is unfavorable in my stitching book.
I have had 9 calls today in 7½ hours. It has been slow. I have Pride and Prejudice here to read and the Sunday paper. I have spent a lot of time watching the PUPPY CAM on USTREAM. These pups are so cute and I have been watching them here at work for about 3 weeks. They start going to their forever homes next weekend and I am going to miss them.
I must stop at the grocery on the way home. Girlz are out of dry food. Can't have that for what shall they poop on the floor while Mommy sleeps tonight?
I also found a fun fabric site called FABRIC. COM. They have nice fabric and the prices aren't bad.
Well that is about it from the Lilac Thicket. Happy December to all!

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