Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sports, Sparrows, Shawls and Simplicity

I tried to find a finished piece that spoke to the season of family, blessings and nostalgia. The pic is a block I stitched a couple of years ago and it is a collection of motifs from a Marquior SAL.

I worked a few stitches in my Bootscornu while I watched Gwenyth in Jane Austen's "Emma". It was only the 27th time I have seen it. Gosh I love Miss Jane's stories!

Well I still have a yen for fried potatoes. I went home last night and didn't eat a thing. I was up at 4 this morning, dressed and ready to go to work by 4:30. By 4:45 I was wandering around Quik Trip. By 5:15 I was at work, I don't start until 6:00. Darn time change.

Gosh I went to Patterns and really stuffed my wish list. They are now carrying San-Man Originals. The newsletter said they are adding more of her designs each day. I don't think she is designing anymore and maybe all of her designs will be available there. I love being able to print off designs without traveling to my LNS. I have 57 designs in my library there and 17 designs on my Wish List.

All the talk here is about the Chiefs, "What's the score?" Well right now they are ahead but I am pretty confident they will find a new way to lose before it is all over and done. Now I do care about our Kansas City football team but I am tired of them losing all the time.

It looks beautiful outside. On the smoke deck we have a herd of house sparrows who live in the bushes and everytime someone goes out there they are there looking for hand outs. I have seen them land on the table and hop over to a person and squawk at them and wave their wings. It is so funny.

I have decided I love shawls, I remember them from the 70's but all the women in Jane Austens stories on the big screen have the most beautiful shawls. I have a shawl which I haven't worked on in a year sitting at home in a bag. I need to finish it so I can waltz around my life with a wonderful shaw. I also put some knitted shawl patterns on my wish list at Patterns on Line. I noticed some of the shawls are rectangular, triangular and square which are folded over to make a triangle. I want a shawl, I already have the pearl earrings which I have had a while. When I first saw the mini series "Clarrisa" ( I had to buy some. I am such a copy cat.

Yesterday I was going thru the Simplicity patterns site on line ( looking at the new patterns. I have lots but have purchased them all when Hobby Lobby has them on sale for 99¢. I really like the styles which are right out of my high school days, bell sleeves, tunic tops, empire waists, jumpers. I even saw a pair of fringed moccasins in a catalog. Love it!

Well I think this is enough for one day. I can't believe any readers could stand anymore titilation from my jet setting life! God Bless from my Lilac Thicket

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