Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wish list, vomit and attitude

New item is on my Wish List. I was reading the Stitches 'n Things newsletter and Little House Needleworks has a booklet out that combines free designs it has offered. The 4 gameboards they offered are in that book. Yes I must have!! I also like the Cathy Jean Designs "Button Ups" but they are not on my list. I like the style rather soft and old fashioned look. The Quaker Halloween designs from Workbasket are interesting too. I am really not a big Quaker genre fan but these are, as I said "interesting".

I am tired of the regurgitation of the same old designs, they get done to death until you want to spew on them. Examples: "Sprinkle (vomit)", "(Vomit) Row", "Snow(vomit) of the Month", "(Vomit) Double Flip-It", "(Vomit) Tree Ornament"-you know the one-vomit written out with it's mirror image to form a tree. Designers do the same thing over and over until they lose their novelty and delight. I suppose when your creativity begins to wane you re-hash old designs and freshen them up to create "Vomit". I suppose they think stitchers everywhere will flock to their designs and overlook the fact that it is a old stale idea with a different color or motif. No wonder the interest in cross stitch is lessening. Perhaps a refreshening in creativity is needed, take a look at the innovative French stitchers. All I have to say is WOW!!! When some American designer divas freshen up than maybe interest will be invigorated or perhaps they need to get out of the business all together.

Designers whom I love Barbara Ana, Helga Mandle, love the Sweetheart Tree, The Cricket Collection, Prairie Schooler even Monsterbubbles, the Haberdashery! I could go on with fresh and novel ideas!

I did stitch a bit on my Bootscornu last night. I also went out to a site called "". Okay I am not a ghoul but I did at one time work my family tree. This is a cool site with 27 million grave sites. Sometimes there are pics of the headstone and cemetary. You can volunter in your zip code to go out to cemetaries and take pics and upload them onto the web site when someone requests a pic.

Well here I am at work and I am not in the mood for attitudes today. People really get their shorts in a wad about the silliest of things. Let's save that attitude for really important things in life. Well enough from the Lilac Thicket for today.

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