Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daddy is cheating on Mommy!!!

Greetings from the hot and sunny Lilac Thicket! April looks cool in Daddy's shades, but I look better!
We have been keeping our Mom and Dad very busy this week.  Sorry 'bout that but  April and my needs trump all of yours!  April is a bit of a long as she can lay on the cool air duct she is happy.  But now I need walks and special medicine and I definitely like to keep my parents on their toes with the occasional rump rot.  My butt really bothers me but it is fun to watch Mom and Dad cater to all of my needs.
Mom and Dad went to Mom's Employee Appreciation Dinner.  Dad looked mighty spiffy.  He said something about all the ladies wanting his autograph!  He says Mom exaggerates but I actually think he had a touch of the sun stroke when he muttered those words to Mom. 
This is Mom and Dad at the dinner.  Mom had on a new black dress and she was very happy her hair turned out cute.  She really does need to learn to take off the glasses when someone breaks out the camera though.  These red rimmed jobbie do's make her look like an old lady. 
This is Mom's great-great niece RoseLynn.  Her Daddy loves me so much that he wanted to name his daughter after me the lovable Britney Spaniel Rose.  Everyone in the neighborhood knows me, so it makes perfect sense people would want to name their babies after me.  I got to see RoseLynn the day this picture was taken.  Mommy wouldn't let me in the house so I could kiss her all over the face and knock her over trying to love on her.  Mom says she is 28 months old, I am 144 months old, so she could learn a lot from me like MaaMa Merts gardening hat is too big for her!  Oh yes, this same day big dumb April fell into MaaMa Merts pond again!  I don't know what it is about April, I have tried and tried to teach her to be a proper pup but somehow she likes to fall into Gramma's pond every time we are over there.
This is a picture of my Daddy's mistress!  Ever since we got U'verse Daddy has both his hands wrapped around her.  Mommy took it away from him and bonked him on the head with her and called Daddy a "Remote Nazi", whatever that is.  I will have to say she has a better curvy shape then Mommy and a lot more buttons for Daddy to push! 
See this is Daddy in bed with  his hands all over his mistress for everyone to see, he wasn't discreet about it at all.  Mommy said he is shameless!  Mommy said not to air too much of our dirty laundry but I didn't tell you about the underwear hanging on the shower curtain rod, so I think I am okay.  Oh Daddy has broken out the BBQ chips, I am gonna see if I can look all cute and lovable so he will give me one!  Mommy says God Bless us Everyone.

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Mouse said...

hahahah ... I know what you mean about the remote !!! and you all look cute in those glasses :) love mouse xxxx