Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mouse, the Owl, and the Doggie Dred

The Lilac Thicket is surviving the heat which is supposed to break Sunday.  We have even become refuge to a wee unwanted visitor.  Well certain death will befall this visitor as Decon has been ingested.  I hate mice and really don't know why one found my home to visit, Mom said the air conditioning is the reason.  The Professor discovered a hole in the bird seed bag in the garage, chewed by said visitor, last week.  I knew it was just a matter of time before it found it's hideous self in my kitchen.  I hate mice! 
Rose found me taking a picture and she had to get herself photographed.  She is such a ham!  She is sporting a dred lock these days, dangling from her ear.  I don't like dreads but she is telling me all the dogs in the neighborhood have them.  I am sort of skeptical.  I may have to hunt down the scissors and snip it off.  Next time the Professor and I bathe her she needs to have the fringe on the backs of her hocks trimmed and I think I will snip the dred accidentally on purpose! 
Well one visitor to the Lilac Thicket that I wanted to stay has died, and NO I didn't feed it Decon!  I don't know what it is, I used to have a green thumb but this year my tomato seeds and now my ivy died.   
Yes I got some good mail yesterday and I am going to take it to work with me to peruse in my quiet moments.  Of course I love my Nordic Needle catalog which you already know after reading my January 9th entry.  The Seasons magazine comes from my favorite grocery store, HyVee, it had interesting stuff in it. 
 I was looking through some of my favorite sites and saw this lovely design called "Roses Anciennes" from Collection Belingot at .  Since the site is in French I need to figure out where I can purchase it.
I know all of my gentle readers have been clamoring for a design with an owl playing a banjo!  I mean I don't know how many times I have been driving down the road and thought I need a cross stitch design  of an Italian looking owl playing a banjo!  Well my lovelies here it is, no more lamenting, and you can get it for FREE!!!
It appears as though this free stitch along may be almost complete.  I think it is really a nice design.  Check it out.

I am SO thankful it is Friday.  This has been a bad work week for me.  Tomorrow morning I am going to have breakfast with my best girl friend Bodacious Bev!  Girl talk is on the menu!  Then if I am really lucky, Hip Hop Dot will remember to bring in her Grandmother's recipe for Angel food cake.  Oh my gosh bosom friends, this cake is moist and wonderful.  I thought I would make it with some fresh strawberries to top it with, like strawberry shortcake.  I want to make my Salad Supreme Pasta Salad to enjoy with chicken the Professor and I want to grill tomorrow evening.  Definitely some stitching and maybe a spot of cleaning in the computer room.  Laundry will wait until Monday morning I think.

It has been 4 weeks today since I married my darling Professor and you know what one thing surprises me the most?  He is still alive and well!
Oh no, the sniffling begins again, be brave my pretties, I will return again with incredibly boring tales of me and the Professor and our not so little dogs two.  Without a doubt my beloved Professor will do something incredibly dumbfounding that I must share, but until then, love, peace and stitch!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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Mouse said...

NOOOOOOOO poor wee beastie ... and mmmm don't think its your green fingers gone its your dratted heat that's done that to the plants ... off to go and check out the links :) love mouse xxxx