Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rump Rot & the Surburban Spaniel

I am always surprised at how many people read this crazy old blog.  Yes a couple of "friends" at work suggested that since I am a newlywed that I was too busy doing other "things", hence sex, to be bothered updating my blog!  Okay, let's just go with that! 

The weather has been muggy and hot, we had rain today.  It just seems like there has been lots going on here.  Sadly Rose's annual Rump Rot has visited us.  The Professor has been walking her once or twice a day and he cut down on the snacks he gives her.  I could tell she had lost weight but she still has that fat apron that hangs down over her rear end.  Professor bathed her Tuesday much to her chagrin.  The beseeching look in her eyes as I left for work was one of dismay that I would not save her from the soap suds and the hose and the Professor.  He did not see a hot spot on her butt, however that night she was horrible restless and no one in our house got any sleep.  I did a butt check and sure enough there was a big old sore spot.  We took her to the vet at 8am when they opened and 4 adults held down one 69.8 pound Britney Spaniel to shave her rear end.  It was fun.  So...I get the distinct pleasure of washing down dog butt with soap and water twice a day, in addition to spraying dog butt twice a day and also forcing prednisone down dog throat twice a day.  Oh how I love the rump rot time of year!
Princess Jujubead gave the Professor and I a lovely bling bling frame which is now adorned with a picture of yours truly and her beloved.  Hip Hop Dot brought me a lovely angel from the Precious Moments Museum and it plays music even!  I think she remembered my tale of woe when I expounded my unhappiness about an unfortunate incident involving the Professor and a cleaning frenzy which ended with the Precious Moments figurine Brother 2 gave me being smashed into powder, therefore unrepairable.  Isn't that sweet?  Hip to the Hop Dot...thank you a lot, I love angels guess that is why I love you so much.
I stole, I mean borrowed, an idea...I saw a bridal bouquet displayed in a pretty vase and thought that SO clever.  This is the bridal bouquet Hip to the Hop Dot made me....doesn't it look lovely?
Momma made me this lovely set which could hang on the wall.  Momma and Princess Jujubead are scrape booking, card making Divas.  Momma took a class at her beloved Archivers shop and she made this for me with my favorite colors, pink and my favorite picture of me and the Prof!  I love the bling and the bling, my favorite thing!
Yes the paparazzi stocks the Professor in our Thicket.  He requested that no photos be taken and as one would expect the paparazzi did NOT respect his wishes.  Actually his ailing supervisor, Rump Rot Rose told me it was okay, she indicated his agent, also Rump Rot Rose, was not up to par and wouldn't push the privacy issue.  So you have a pic of the Professor cleaning the garage so his dear and darling wife can get the car in the garage.  Isn't he a Caribbean Prince?  I love you baby boy!
See, I told you stitching is going on in the cool folds of the Lilac Thicket!  Yes it is a free offering from Aury who happens to be in the Disciplined Diva and Serial Starter Facebook Club I am in.  I love it.  My posterior was delighted to rest in the comfort of my Happy Chair on Sunday and I stitched and stitched.  Okay, so I am a slow stitcher but it felt SO good.
More Wishlist entries....from Barbara Ana "Owl-o-ween".  Isn't it a darling design?
From Just Nan "Three Violets".  I think this is darling, I love the chickies!
Okay, I am not a Crazy Cat lady, but when I saw this I thought of a co-worker who would be that Crazy Cat Lady who has 632 kitties who spill out of the door and down the driveway and become neighborhood nuisances as they rummage thru the trash and make loud crying baby noises as they create more cats that the Crazy Cat Lady then takes in.  It is really a sad situation, isn't it Carol?!
I love, love, love this Filigram design, " Mother Hens".

Well my gentle and persistent readers, I think I will get back to the Lilac Thicket newlywed business with the Professor...we really did need to come up for air!  Until the next lull in activity...God Bless Us Everyone!

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