Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A heartfelt apology!

I really hate it when the ugliness of the world seeps into my Lilac Thicket.  I want this little bit of a nothing blog to be a refreshing place to land for a moment or two just to enjoy stitching or the antics of my sweet Professor.  I get too much of the real world and the evil that is ensnaring our country and culture at work.  One of the blogs that I had on my blog list was erased because it became too full of itself and began to attack Church Doctrine, daring to pervert Catholic Doctrine to meet their beliefs.  Actually for all my gentle readers who are not Catholic, the Pope leads the church on that, not some little liberal minded  cha-cha with a self serving nothing blog.  I apologize if anyone has headed over to this blog and been incensed by what they read, please forgive me.  I have an interest in frugal living and that is how I found the blog and thought it held some value because of ideas there in simplicity. 

So with that said, my roast was wonderful!  Professor had warmed up fish with his vegetables, too bad cause beef is delicious and I love eating cows!  I was very sad as my HyVee bargain $10 crock pot had the dial break and I am not sure if it can be fixed.  Oh well, I guess pliers will work just fine to turn it on and off!

I would ask you to take a look at this lady's blog!  She is SO talented and inspiring. She is creative and I love looking at her works of art!

Below are some neat new designs I have seen, love 'em!

Tribal Conch from White Willow, I think this would fit my oceanic theme in my bathroom! I guess the Titanic would too, for that matter.
This and the following two designs are from my favorite designer Alessandra Adelaide!  She is an amazingly talented designer. 

Life on High from  Passion Des Croix!
The above and below designs are from Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance.  

Can you believe these are edible candy?  I think they are darling!  Visit:
April (aka Mysterious Leak) has claimed her cool spot in the house, under the dining room table on top of the air vent that blows cool air, which is great for her to stay cool but it sure doesn't help cool the house.  She has to spend her nights outside as she is still leaking occasionally on the kitchen floor, even when I get up and let her out in the midst of the night.  No more stepping in cold leavings for me! 
Rump Rot Rose is now just plain old Rose.  She is done with her twice a day butt washings (Amen!) and her medication.  She is spending her days laying on the hallway floor to stay cool which is lovely for her but inconvenient when one has to go to the bathroom. 
I realized I promised to share more wedding pictures and I hadn't. The Professor and I will have been married 4 weeks this Friday. Well the Professor's mother in law loves to be in the middle of everything, including pictures! LOL!! This pic is from the celebratory dinner my family threw us on June 24th. The cake was lovely and delicious!

So 32 states are in a heat advisory, it is hot out there and this expected to continue thru Saturday.  I plan on cooking breakfast for my best friend Saturday morning and we can gab while the Professor is at church, just a girl gab fest, sounds great.  Then Saturday evening Professor and I will be grilling chicken.  Other then that things are terrifical here in the Lilac Thicket.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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Miss LindaLee said...

I love the wedding picture. What a sweet picture with your mom peeking in. Very sweet picture.

I continue to enjoy your blog posts. I'm so glad that I have it hooked up with my e-mail so I don't miss any at all.

Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog.