Monday, July 18, 2011

$800 Mirror, I'll make ya one for $400!

I was browsing our local Sunday newspaper last night and was blown away by the above clipping.  For $290 to $390 you can have you beach treasures put in the base of a lamp for a unique and stylish accent lamp in your phoo-phoo front room, great room, family room, bathroom or any turn up my nose at you room.  Well I figure I saved $283 to $383 not to mention the time it would take to gather the beach items and tote them home!  Remember?  I paid $7 for mine!
Actually I think mine is much more attractive.  And did you check out in that same clipping the $800 mirror?  I like the mirror but I bet I can make one $790 cheaper because I have the glue AND the mirror so the starfish would be the only thing I have to buy.  Now Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon so I might even be able to save more!  So my gentle readers I have saved over $1073 to $1173 today!  Seriously, what idiot would spend that kind of money on a lamp and a mirror!  Okay maybe a lamp but a mirror?  Seriously!

It is here in the wilds of our Lilac Thicket it is HOT !  I am sure that I am not alone in detesting the heat.  I hate glistening, actually I sweat, nothing delicate or girlish about it, I sweat and stink.  But there is a charm sitting outside on a hot summer evening and hearing the cicadas in the trees, their song sounding like waves crashing on a beach, reaching a crescendo and crash to silence then quietly winding up again.  I love it.  You hear the hum of the air conditioners, the occasional child playing but mostly you hear the hot summer night.  It is the sound of fond nostalgic memories being made.

I saw the above in the Stitches 'n Things newsletter.  It doesn't appear to be available yet but I am going to have to buy it.  It is offered from Alessandra Adelaide and it's called "Spider Banner".  I think it is a fabulous Halloween design.

The above design is sort of cute, it is called Batalphabet offered by Glendon Place.

These crocheted luminaries are fabulous.  I can see them lighting up the summer nights as I am cocooned in the folds of my hide away Thicket.  You can use any glass jar and I was thinking baby food jars with tea lights would be great and imagine them crocheted with a yarn that has a metallic filament!  The best thing this is a free pattern here:

One more thing I want to share with my intimate readers.  Bella Crochet is a wonderful blog by a very talented hooker.  She is offering a darling sunflower pot holder pattern, and I encourage you to visit and even if you don't crochet you can definitely enjoy this lady's creativity.

You will forgive me for a rather boring read today.  The heat I think is wearing on me a bit, but as ever I wish you everything that is wonderful.  God Bless Us Everyone.


oldecrow said...

My dear, you are never boring! I love reading your blog.Congrats on your marriage to the professor (a little belated) I don't post a lot of comments, but I love your sense of humor and your musings!
Thanks so much for making me smile everytime I read your blog.

Mouse said...

I'm with you on the savings ... some folks have more money than sense ... hope things cool down for you a bit and thanks for the enabling too :) love mouse xxxx