Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you ever had something stuck in your navel?

And my tender readers we are still sweltering here in the tranquil confines of the Lilac Thicket. Growing up we didn't have air conditioners and I don't ever remember fans, I don't know how we managed this climate. Of course our childhood memories are faded and dream like for me, soft corners replace the sharp edges of time creating sentimental thoughts of carefree days gone by.

I suppose my mind has been wandering over the past 25 years of stitching and all the wonderful designers who have come and gone, leaving their mark in my stash with a leaflet or two. Some designers have gone to the big stitch group in heaven, others have left for economic reasons and then others just died an ugly death due to loss of creativity. I challenge each of you to shift through your stash to see how the fine art of cross stitching has changed over the years.

I remember when no one had a Blackberry or and Iphone and they kept track of their stash via quill and parchment. There was one ingenious person who formatted pages to fit in the DayTimers...remember those? I went looking for those again and the page was gone, which really wasn't a surprise. I do have them though on my dead computer. I need to have those files extracted by a paid professional because I tried to save them before it went to it's final reward and was unsuccessful.

 I spent the morning making an Excel sheet for Nina's hand-dyed fibers and then discovered that I couldn't share it by uploading it to my blog. If anyone is interested in this document, leave your e-mail in the comment section and I will e-mail you a copy.

Disclaimer: The woman with the beer bottle in her navel is NOT me, I use a cosy for my beverages.

Cleaning off the dining room table I discovered a envelope of documents that the Professor should have had in a package that was sent out last Friday, by me. He told me it was ready to post and I asked him if all of his paperwork was in there and he said yes. Well apparently he was wrong! When I waved the envelope in front of his nose he looked at me and said "I thought you checked to make sure everything was in the priority envelope!" I looked at him with that "if looks could kill" look and told him it was HIS business that he was tending and although I was happy to help, it was HIS responsibility to make sure everything was sent, not mine, particularly since I was not privy to what he needed. The ER doctor was able to extract the envelope for the Professor's navel with minimum damage to the contents.

Cute gift idea and the tutorial is at the above link.
Cute, cute, cute PINK thongs, looks easy enough to make.  The tutorial is at the above link

I love mermaids and this embroidery pattern can be found free of charge at the above link. 
The tutorial is at the above link to make the poinsettia.

This is an on-line class but I thought you could do this with any pre-made quilted purse.

This is a really pretty pillow and it was inspired by an expensive ready made one.  The tutorial is above.

Gentle readers, no weeping, please!  I must sign off for now, but I pray that you are remaining calm and cool!  I will warn you though..."I be back"! God Bless Us Everyone.

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