Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flying Potato Salad, Exhausted Squirrel and Rump Rot Part Deux

The Lilac Thicket has gone all patriotic!  Of course the squirrel in the bird bath is taking a nap so that is why she is slumped over.  She probably is exhausted from hunting nuts all day for her family only to come home and be expected to cook and serve her unemployed spouse.  I'll bet her rodent spouse walks into the nest after she has sat down with a plate full of toasty acorns and sits his very self down and asks her if she fixed him a plate.  I bet that is exactly why she is so tired.
I noticed how the Professor's coleus are really growing except for the the 2 that kept getting dug up by the unemployed squirrel spouse because he has nothing better to do then be annoying.  And we also see a close up of the exhausted female bringing home the acorn, serving it up in a pan and never letting husband rodent forget that he's a man!
I love the American flag and on a windy summer day it looks beautiful against a blue sky.  I was on my way home from taking the Professor to church on Saturday and snapped the pic from inside the car.  It is actually harder to do then I thought.
Saturday I did hit the Farmer's Market.  It was packed and there was a traffic jam, getting into and out of the church parking lot.
I got some hail damaged peaches for $4 which I pared up and put in the frig for cobbler for some yummy future treat.  Then my wonderful Cinnamon Peach Jam made by Rita, it was $5 and then a wonderful yellow onion and a cucumber which were a buck for the two.  The yellow onion went into my potato salad and it was terrific.
Rump Rot Rose was break dancing as her hiney was better on Saturday.  Tuesday morning I woke up and stepped in a nice pile of  puppy pooh, yes diarrhea had started and we ended up taking her back to the vet on Wednesday morning and we spent another $100.  She is now on a bland diet, a mix of cottage cheese, rice and ground beef, dang dog is eating better then the Professor and I.  I also have to prepare her pills in the morning for the day.  She is on 2 antibiotics, one steroid and her arthritis medication.  Not to mention her twice daily butt hose downs and a baby shampoo butt wash.  Oh my life is good for the pup with Rump Rot.
I just think my Professor looks so handsome coming out of church with his dress clothes.  I had to share.  We went home and grilled chicken and steak and corn on the cob.  I made potato salad too.  Although when I told the Professor I was making potato salad he asked if I had called to get my sister-in-law's recipe.  Well, let's just say, he is lucky he didn't have to break his Sabbath and clean potato salad off the walls.  My gentle readers, I understand I am not a gourmet cook, but I do know how to make a few things quite well and potato salad is one of them.

We are getting AT&T U-Verse installed today.  It is so much cheaper having it bundled with the phone and Internet.  We will be saving $60 a month!  Now the Professor will not have to endure my Ghost Hunters or Haunted Collector or Ghost Hunters International and get "creeped out".  He can go into the bedroom and watch some other program.  We will be able to record 3 programs at one time and I can request via the web for the device to record.  I can't wait to get home and veg in front of the TV.

There hasn't been a drop of stitching in the wilds of the Lilac Thicket.  However I have begun shovelling out the computer room which is a good thing.  Boy I found lots of stash, stash I had forgotten about.  The Professor offered to help as he tripped over things and knocked piles of stuff over and this hard working female squirrel, I mean I declined his offer.  May your acorns be plentiful and your Thickets blessed.

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Miss LindaLee said...

I always find your posts so interesting and fun to read. Always light and newsy. Thank you for your blog.
You have mentioned that your dear husband is from the Caribbean. Where abouts? We were in Port au Prince twice.
Keep up the great blog girlfriend.