Friday, July 8, 2011

The almost accidental death of a back seat driving Professor!

The newlyweds have been busy and not the kind of busy my naughty co-workers have implied but business of personal business.  This hecticness has included the unfortunate activity of driving freeways and navigating large downtown city roads.  The thoroughfares are just cluttered with people who do NOT know how to drive, and present company is NOT included.  But my li'l Honda has also been crowded with a know-it-all spouse who has not navigated a single road in this city or suburb and has no skills driving a 5 speed.   "Didn't you see the pot hole?"..."Of course I saw it, I just had an urge to break my axle!"  Gentle readers, this dear and darling wife almost became a widow and a murderer all in one incident!  Yes all of the shows I have watched over the years on Investigation Discovery they certainly would have hit pay dirt for me in covering up the homicide of my Caribbean Prince, the Professor!  Thankfully our adventures came to an end today as we finished our business and soon I will forget the ugliness of dealing with a back seat driver Professor, only in the front seat!  Yes indeed the Professor lives again for another day when he can annoyingly tell me again what a good driver his ex-wife was.
 I love this design which is offered by The Sunflower Seed.  What a great anniversary piece, the Professor and I have been married 2 weeks today...ya think I should get it!
 I love these happy and cheerful Whimsical Words from Stoney Creek, which is wonderfully timely since I have just spent the last 10 minutes getting my posterior chewed on by someone unhappy with his insurance.
I love this Bent Creek Halloween Branch!  I love Halloween and all it's ghoulish glory! 
No, at 54 years young there is no bun in the oven but I think this is a darling design.  I saw a pattern recently for a knitted pea pod bunting for a baby, what a clever idea.
Falling Star Primitives is a new designer to me but I really like their Halloween designs and this one in particular called "Caldron's Black Halloween Sampler".
This is NOT cross stitch but I saw this saying on an entry at Craft Gossip and I thought it would be a great cross stitch design.  The saying made me laugh and it is a bit irreverent, don't you think? 
This is a great embroidery design and it's FREE!!!!  Please visit The Noble Wife blog to print off a copy of this wonderful summer design!
I saw this on Craft Gossip and saved the picture because I thought this would be an easy and inspirational piece for a mantle or wall in the home.  Easy enough to figure out how to make it! 
This is too clever and cute!  Two thrift shop finds, a over sized vase and a serving plate make a beautiful bird bath!  Check out this great blog:

I know I write a great deal about my Professor but you know he really is a terrific man.  He had me hold his wallet while he went into an appointment.  I am not a snooper in any way shape or form, but it was 3 inches thick and I opened it and there front and center was a picture of his beautiful wife not his ex-wife!  What a great husband!

We haven't used our Aussie Grill that we bought maybe  6 weeks ago and I suggested if it didn't rain tomorrow we could pull it out.  Professor asked what we would fix, I replied, who said anything about cooking, let's just pull it out and stand around and look at it.  Why did that man marry me, I'll probably never know.
Okay pull our your elegantly embroidered handkerchiefs my kindred spirit readers.  I am going to close this missive and leave you to find your own way home from my Lilac Thicket.  But I would really love you to leave me a comment or two every now and again.  It is very nice to know that someone is reading my silly ramblings.  So God Bless Us, Everyone!


Mouse said...

hellooo waving a small paw at you :) i follow you and read all the time and occasionally leave a comment i tend to get sidetracked with your wonderful links heheheh glad you are settling down to domestic bliss :) take care love mouse xx

Miss LindaLee said...

Hey Sandi~For sure you need to get, "You're Still The One. I love the birth piece also. Aww what the heck! Get them both!

Want to let you know, that I'm following your blog by e-mail so I don't miss a thing. I love it here!