Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's amazing what you can find....

I got home from work last Wednesday evening and heard running water.  The Professor was out walking Rose and I thought maybe he left the hose on outside when he watered his plants.  He hadn't, so I went down in the basement to find water flying everywhere.  The valve on the washing machine had finally given up the ghost.  I shut off the main valve and then called the landlord and Randy our Jousting Plumber.  I don't know what it is about me, my basement and water.  My washer and dryer have long since ceased to work after the numerous sewer back ups into the basement.  As long as the Professor and I live there I will not replace either as I can't afford to keep replacing appliances.  Anyway this little incident does lead to needlework stash, I promise.  I had started shoveling out the computer room, soon to be my happy room but with the possible need for Randy to have to get to some pipes I had to clear a path to the gnarly little closet with the bathroom pipes.  In doing so, I discovered forgotten booty!  It is sort of the needlework version of the Christmas program with the land of the misfit toys, only this is stash I have bought and it went into the undiscovered black hole that is the computer room.  I have some cool stash in there, and this is just an inkling of rediscovered stash.
I love Raise the Roof and Witchy Washy is the cutest.  Then there is the Victoria Sampler Magi gifts, Frankincense....

How about Indigo Rose's Carnations and Emeralds, and where the heck did Indigo Rose go to?  I haven't seen anything new from them in ages.  Then there Raise the Roof's Witchey's Beauty Bag which is darling!
These were the cutest little buttons of a tomato pin cushion and a cute wooden froggy I wanted to make into a magnet!
Here is a Just Nan and another Indigo Rose....
Plus the Myrrh and Gold Magi Gifts.  I mean seriously gentle readers, I have a ton of stuff to go thru and you would think that every new discovery would give me a kick in the cartouche to get it done, but I just keep lolly gagging.  The Professor keeps coming in to make sure nothing has fallen on top of me, like you hear about with some hoarders who disappear only to be found dead years later under a avalanche of their stuff.

I do have visions of my fanny rejoining my happy chair in my happy room making happy thoughts as happy fingers create lovely cross stitch.   My mother and my Professor say I need to cover my happy chair or get a new one...did you hear me scream NO-O-O-O-O-!!!!! 
This is my posse, my girls, at our Employee Appreciation Dinner!  Of course I am in front in the coral jacket and right above me is Crazy Cat Lady Carol, Hip Hop Dot is to her right and Bodacious Bev is to my right, right below Hip Hop Dot.  I love my girls!

Tomorrow/Tuesday is supposed to be the hottest day of the year to date.  Don't I just love that!  Visions of baking and thick, luscious soups and stews and cozy happy chair sessions in my happy room do not involve 100° weather!

Please don't distress yourselves my bosom friends, this isn't the last you will hear from me.  I will be back to torment and tease you with tails and tales of my tame and tempestuous life.  You know the Professor can't be boring for long!

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Amy said...

Boy, that last picture reminded me of me yesterday. With the 110 heat index, I could have stood there and screamed and cried like a fool. I am melting!!!!

I looked at the apartment and plan to turn my paperwork in on Saturday. Please pray that we get it.

I could dive happily into your stash. I have four projects going and really need to get one done. LOL

Have a most wonderful hot and steamy day. ;P