Monday, August 22, 2011

Each moment a single frame in a movie called "A Life"

This weekend went by entirely too quickly and it seems as though nothing was truly accomplished except enjoying a wonderful weekend with the Professor.  I had every intention of working on my Happy Room!  Nope that didn't happen, not on Saturday nor Sunday.
I took Professor to church and came back to the Lilac Thicket and putzed about.  I went up and picked up Professor to bring him home.  He laid down to nap, I went to the grocery to pick up a couple of items to make the above pictured Easy Chicken Enchiladas. Then it was off to Hobby Lobby to buy DMC needed for the Elegant Pumpkin design in the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  

Back home I made Pineapple jello with cream cheese whipped in and a can of crushed pineapple for good measure.  I shredded chicken for the above Easy Chicken Enchiladas and sat to watch the Ghost Hunters I recorded.  When Professor got up we dined and I have to say it was GOOD!  Even my picky Prof would agree...he went back for seconds!

Sunday, Professor figured out how to load photos from our Flickr account into U'verse and we enjoyed a slide show of pictures we have taken over the past 5 months.  

We went over to my mother's and met Brother 2, Dear-Sister-in-law and Princess Wiggle Wiggle.  Brother 2 presented Professor and I with a beautiful handmade mantle clock (pictured above).  It is made out of walnut, gorgeous and I love it.

Last night we sat together to watch the animated movie "Tangled" which was great. Professor then took Rose for a short stroll.  We climbed into bed and I fell asleep with my arm draped over my dear husband.

I was thinking about the pictures we've taken. Each picture representing a moment in time, good times, where laughing, smiles and love accompany each single moment.  Those moments in themselves are so small and forgettable yet they are sewn together with an invisible golden cord to form this short, temporary existence called a life.  Each moment by itself is unexceptional and yet they make up this incredibly rich life.  All of these little, seemingly, mundane moments grow into this wonderful crazy patch quilt life. A moment is like a musical note, and each fits together perfectly to complete a song, God's song of our life.

Seeing the Professor's life turn into something he has prayed for, a home, a family, friends fills me with great joy. Witnessing it reflected in our pictures, fills me with overflowing gratitude.

I watched Princess Wiggle Wiggle walk over and hug her "Uncle Professor" yesterday, it was the first of many hugs awaiting him.  It is the small points of time, my gentle readers, the small, insignificant moments that clutter up my mundane little life that makes my limited time here precious.

Can you hear the song God plays for your life?  Be still my gentle readers, you can hear it.  God Bless Us Everyone!

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Miss LindaLee said...

Always look forward to your posts girlfriend. I think you forgot one thing in this one! Dinner looks great! Did I miss the recipe?