Thursday, August 4, 2011

Darling decorating diva defies definition

Well my gentle readers the weather forecasts were wrong for yesterday.  We were spared the 108° temperature, it was only 107°!  It is a new all time high here for the date of August 2nd.  Inside the air conditioner is not shutting off at all and in spite of my attempts to educate the Professor on keeping it cooler in the Lilac Thicket, I come home to curtains and shades up, back door open and the ceiling fans off. 

A conversation, "I didn't tell you I came home half dead! I walked into town yesterday."  Me, "I figured you went someplace, your house key was on the sofa."  The Professor, "It was?  You think you are SO smart!"  Me, "Well you ARE incorrect...I know I am smart." Yes, I know that there is a learning curve for the Professor, I do, but let's face it my dear readers, it doesn't take a genius to lay in food crumbs on the sofa and know he has been eating while sitting on it.

So the  picture is of my shame, my bookcases filled with stash which sits in the computer room, soon to be happy room.  Now if this was the only bit of stash pile, you might say that it would take me a jiff to organize, but I have a closet, a couple of brown paper bags, an ironing board, a computer desk and a top of a sewing machine cabinet full of more stash.  Oh yes and two plastic bags full of needlework fabric on the book case.  Is it no wonder I can't find anything I purchased?
Just sharing a couple of Thrift Shop finds that the Professor stumbled across and couldn't live without and now festoon our home.  Can anyone spell, 1970?  Okay, they are rather cute.
And then there is this, a patriotic Raggedy Ann hanging around our front door to frighten welcome visitors.  Doesn't the Professor have impeccable decorating sense?

I also came home to this on the wall of the kitchen.  Yes the Professor found it in a closet and hung it up.  Yes it is a Patricia Andrle design that took me a year to stitch and I love it except for the frame I chose and a mistake that I thought I could live with and went ahead and had it framed and realized I couldn't stand the sight of the mistake. 
Here are a series of photos that my best friend Bodacious Bev and I had taken at our Employee Appreciation Dinner.  I sort of like them.
I love this picture of my maternal Grandparents, Emma and Ed.  This was probably taken in the 40's.  Aren't they a beautiful couple?  I don't ever remember them looking this young and so I adore this image of them out on the town.  Mom's cousins used to say Grandpa looked like Cary Grant.  How I miss 'em.
Now my loyal followers don't start that pouting! I can't sit here forever and have yet to have one reader ask me to move in with them, so until that happens I must get ready for work.  Stay cool, stay blessed and God Bless Us Everyone.


Mouse said...

oerrrrr missis that stash is going to come collapsing down and then you really will have to organise it !!! love the photos and he forgot his key!!! take care love mouse xxxx

Hopblogger said...

Unfortunately all of us crafters are in the same boat. Where to stash all of our treasures. I have finally decided this week to tackle my mess, again. No telling how long it will take!
Yours doesnt look so bad.
BTW - I think you have your mothers eyes.
Congratulations on your marriage!