Wednesday, August 3, 2011

108°, swell and great! Can't be late!

Yes you read that right, it is predicted to be 108°.  Of course everyone is talking about the heat.  I remember a mere 5 months ago we were all talking about....
and we couldn't wait for summer!  Are we fickled or what? 
I love this picture of days gone by.  From left to right, my Grandpa, my Great Aunt Rose, Grandma and my Great Uncle Andy, all my Mom's family.  Hot summers, no air conditioning and hot days and nights with great memories of family.  I remember the summer when my Grandparents got central air, 1973...I was 16...I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  We felt so rich because we had the cool air wafting thru my Grandparent's split level home.  Memories of a lifetime, a simpler time, a gentler time, a more naive time.  How I wish I could go back for just one day so I could vividly remember everything and everyone, listen closely to the family stories, enjoy the iced tea and cuddle with my beloved Grandparents just one more time and thank them for all they did for me and all they mean to me. 
There is a tutorial to make this great jacket out of a soft knit.  You don't need a pattern, just a blouse, great idea and I can't wait to try it.
A nice iron on transfer for hand embroidery.  She has a cute blog and there was a tasty sounding crepe recipe there too.  I want to add this blog to my blog list.
This is another blog I want to put on my follow list.  She made 50 of these key rings for a baby shower.  She doesn't have a pattern there but these look very easy to make and they are darling.
The pattern for these ornaments is available on the blog.  I love these darling faces.
I know, I know, but dear and gentle friends I must pry myself away so I can go to work, unless of course you want the Professor and I, plus our dogs, to move in and mooch off of you.  As tempting as that may sound to you, I urge you to think again...the Professor isn't as charming as I make him out to be.  Stay blessed and God Bless Us Everyone!

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Amy said...

It is so hot here!!! I want to strip down to my petticoats and roll around in the snow in your pictures. (I don't get to see snow anymore)

Even the dogs don't want to go outside.

We ran to the bank, the gas station, and to the grocery store before 11:00.

What kind of brownie do you want to be? In that heat, you will bake. I would be a turtle brownie with lots of carmel sauce. LOL