Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ketchup... the other food group!

A misty overcast morning, what a delight! 
Are those rain drops on the wind shield?  It  has been such a long time since I have seen a rain drop I must rub my eyes!
By Jobe I do believe it is rain that is visiting us.  Remarkably my Mother who lives 2 miles away did not get a drop.  Craziness reigns with the weather, there is tropical storm Emily careening thru the Gulf and droughts in Texas, fires, flooding, 115° in Wichita Kansas...does anyone doubt the Lord is trying to get our attention? 

I am going to make a tomato dish that is delicious, even the picky Professor loves Hip Hop Dot's recipe.  Dice up tomatoes, onions, burp less cucumbers and banana peppers, add raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing and let it sit a few hours in the frig before enjoying.  It really is wonderful.
I have been working in my Happy Room gentle readers and more treasures are being unearthed.  I love self published or fund raising cookbooks!  This is one I bought at The Thrift Shop and I don't remember purchasing it. 
I also found a kit purse for knitting fabric strips that I started.  It's pink and that is all I need to be attracted to something. 
An old crochet magazine and another thin cook book was discovered. 
My Happy Room archaeological excavation also found green velvet trims, green and white lace and tiny blue rick rack in addition to buttons. 

I am making awesome progress and my next day off, now since everything is off the floor, is to work around the walls getting rid of plastic crates and smaller book cases.  After that, all surfaces will be cleaned off and then I can get my old kitchen table in there, get my lap top off the dining room table and really iron something on my ironing board, not to mention getting my sewing machine set up. 
Saturday after the Professor and I ate at Appleby's we went over to my Mom's and Brother 2, Dear Sister in law and Princess Wiggle Wiggle (my great great niece) showed up.  My brother had to model the cute back pack I bought for Princess Wiggle Wiggle.  Brother 2 inherited my sense of humor...oh my! 
I regaled my family with tales of Ketchup and the Professor's chronic use of said food product.  At Appleby's he had purchased an Oriental Chicken Salad and then proceeded to put ketchup on the chicken in the salad.  So Brother 2 had to show solidarity with the Professor and.... 
poured ketchup on a vanilla sandwich cookie and ate it.  I hear the gagging reflex, I hate it when men stick together! 
This is a picture I adore Brother 2 with Princess Wiggle Wiggle.  Princess is Brother 2's great grand daughter and gentle readers, she is a delight to everyone she meets.  Love that little girl.
I have been sharing old pictures of my family and this picture is really my favorite.  It is a picture of my parents when they were dating in maybe 1954 or so, they were married in 1956.  My Mother was so gorgeous, she still is and my Father was so handsome, men in uniform always turn my head.
My paternal Grandmother was so wonderful about notating her pictures with names and dates.  The scan isn't as good as the original picture but it is my Dad in August of 1955.  You can see the black panther tattoo on his left upper arm.  I always loved that tattoo!  In 1955 dad would have been knocking on the door of his 21st birthday which was in December.  I think he is so handsome, but I suppose most girls think their Papa's are the most handsome man in the world.

For Father's Day I gave the Professor a nice electric hair clipper set.  It has saved us a lot of money and he really is pretty good at trimming his own hair.  He came flying out here in his prison striped shorts and bare chest "How does it look?"  I gave him a quizzical look..."I like the bare chest"!  "My hair! How does my hair look?"  Gentle readers, his chain is SO easy to yank!

Oh my devoted readers of this boring and ordinary Lilac Thicket missive, the Professor, Rose, April and myself wish you love and happiness until such time when I once again bore you with naked common-ness we salute you!  God Bless Us Everyone!

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